BAIC BJEV Delivers Cars to the First Batch of “Pioneer in Blue”


On July 13, the delivery ceremony for the first batch of 200 BEVs of “Pioneer in Blue” was held in BAIC BJEV. Meanwhile, world champions of Pan Xiaoting, Gu Jun, Gao Min, Yang Ling, etc. were invited to act as the “Green Travel Ambassador in Beijing”. The relevant leaders of Beijing attended the ceremony, and Chairman Xu Heyi of BAIC Group, Deputy General Manager Zhang Xin of BAIC Group, and General Manager Zheng Gang of BAIC BJEV participated in activity. Xu Heyi gave the car keys to the first batch of owner representative of “Pioneer in Blue”, and presented the four world champions with the letter of appointment of “Green Travel Ambassador in Beijing”.

On June 5 of this year, BAIC BJEV launched the Pioneer in Blue Action Plan. Within one month after the recruitment, the orders of BAIC Group E150EV had exceeded 800, and the number of actually delivered cars was more than 200.

Different from many other auto enterprises that invite celebrities for commercial endorsements, BAIC BJEV, together with government, employs social celebrities to act as the green travel ambassador, to promote new energy vehicles through decommercialization and demonstrating the public benefit. Following first batch of Pu Cunxin, Chun Ni, Li Ly, Wang Yong, BAIC BJEV invited four sports champion stars – “9-Ball Queen” Pan Xiaoting, world badminton champion Gu Jun, world diving champion Gao Min, and world shooting champion Yang ling to join the Beijing green travel ambassador group.

During the activity, these ambassadors told their own green concepts. Gao Min thought that protecting the environment was every citizen's responsibility, and she would do her best in the future life to influence people around to choose green travel. Gu Jun was an active responder to the green travel in daily life, and after knowing the BAIC Group Pioneer in Blue activity, she readily promised to support the low-carbon lifestyle. Yang Ling, China's youngest Olympic champion, a native of Beijing, said that he should do more useful things for the country and society in life and work after retirement. Selecting BEV with zero emission as a travel tool is our best action.

Xu Heyi said that for a long time, BAIC Group had taken the development of new energy vehicles as the strategic focus of the whole Group, and encouraged to explore various modes of popularization and promotion of new energy vehicles. From the cooperation with Jingdong Group for the trial of selling vehicles through E-commerce to the establishment of a joint venture with Foxconn for operating time-sharing leasing business, and then to “Pioneer in Blue” action, BAIC BJEV dares to try first in marketing, and really becomes a pilot for reform and innovation. We hope that through exploration and efforts, the spirit of Pioneer in Blue can be passed on, to make electric green travel the new trend and the new fashion of the whole society. As the largest industrial enterprise in Beijing that is most determined to do a good job in the new energy, BAIC Group will well complete each work with high enthusiasm, and will not give concessions to difficulties nor be relaxed in market or for customers. It will go all out to take on the dual tasks of environmental governance and economic development with the highest sense of responsibility and mission.

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