Foton Actively Expands East African Market—KD Plant in Kenya Goes into Production


Recently, the international strategy of Foton blossoms all over the world, especially in Africa. On July 12, Foton Vans held debut of products in Kenya; on the same day, KD Plant of Foton was formally put into production in Kenya; on July 13, Beijing Municipal Government donated 2 Foton Pickups to Masai Mara of Kenya for local animal protection; on July 14, Nairobi Municipal Government, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, and Foton signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Nairobi public transport improvement program, under which, Foton AUV would provide a complete set of system solution for the transport in Nairobi, the largest city in East Africa. These series of measures not only further enhance the market influence in Africa, but also show the Foton's acceleration of international strategy. Particularly, building KD Plant in Kenya is of great significance to develop the markets of five countries in East Africa, and it is another major move for Foton to transform from trade mode to marketing mode.

Since 2009 when the Foton issued the “Strategy of 2020”, international strategy of Foton with the “5+3+1” as the guiding thought has been steadily advanced and implemented. According to the data, in recent two years, the overseas exports of Foton had kept a growth that bucked the trend, with an average annual increase of up to 10-20%. Since the domestic commercial vehicle market in recent years has become increasingly saturated, intensifying and speeding up the pace of “going out” reflect Foton's strategic foresight in saving for a rainy day and making layout in advance, which also will be the international development priority of Foton in the next few years.

It is learned that in 2014, Foton will newly add 16 KD plants, and 8 in 2015. It is predicted in 2015, the total number of Foton overseas KD plants will be up to 52, which will be mainly distributed in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia, North Africa, and Central and South America and other regions, covering all existing products businesses of Foton, with the production capacity of up to 130,000 vehicles. With the completion of overseas KD plants in succession, Foton will further improve the localized operational ability and product competitiveness, so as to completely realize the localized production overseas in the end.

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