Better Appearance, Higher Intelligence | BAIC Senova All New D50 Making Debut


On 8 November, 2017, the launch conference of BAIC Senova All New D50 was kicked off in Wuzhen Town. Themed with “New Height in Appearance and Intelligence”, the launch conference highlighted two aspects of BAIC Senova All New D50: creating the stunning appearance with the styling design concept of “Capital Style”; and bringing interactive experience like a “private driving secretary” to the users based on super-strong intelligent brain like “Walking Siri”.

Party secretary and president of BAIC Group Xu Heyi said in his speech: “BAIC’s self-brand new-generation product, with the core standard of ‘making the vehicles which can bring the customers sense of gain, sense of happiness and sense of safety’, is to create the iterative products of integrating perfect design and artificial intelligence and blaze a new era of innovative development of BAIC’s self-brand.”

BAIC Senova OFFSPACE concept vehicle designed by BAIC Senova All New D50’s top-level design team has been awarded “Excellent Concept Vehicle” by a globally top-level automobile journal CAR STYLING. BAIC Senova All New D50 integrates the design concept of “Capital Style” with the OFFSPACE design language. Its all-new internationalized front face, flying wings like a Chinese character “bei” extended into headlamps, and prospective family design highlight its great momentum. Its dynamic body line, glossy curve like “Chinese silk” and natural and smooth fastback design outline its precision golden ratio impressively. 

BAIC Senova All New D50’s sound system is able to identify a dozen of dialects and mandarin, so it is able to understand what the user says at one moment. Moreover, BAIC Senova All New D50 is equipped with some intelligent devices, such as Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), 360o panoramic imaging, full visual system, etc. In the launch conference, BAIC Senova’s new-generation artificial intelligence system “Jarvis” made its debut to demonstrate new-generation intelligent interaction system and intelligent driving control system.

(President Xu Heyi, with guests, singing the song Loving You as We Are from the Same Family.)

This launch conference is a feast of technologies, as well as a real storm of thinking. While the price of BAIC Senova All New D50 was officially released, “HOME+” strategy was launched. A big family which included manufacturer, dealers and users was born, which will promote user maintenance to the height of enterprise strategy.

BAIC Senova All New D50 is BAIC’s first self-brand 2.0 product. The self-brand is the embodiment of BAIC Group’s core competitiveness. In the era of “Grouping 2.0”, BAIC Group will drive the upward integration of the businesses related to purchase, quality, etc. with the help of the integration of R&D system, and promote the joint forces of self-brand to the group level. On the one hand, BAIC Group will advance technological evolution based on the trend of electrification, intelligentization and networking, and master and apply the globally most advanced technologies through such ways as independent research and development and resource integration. On the other hand, through upgrading customer demands analysis method, BAIC Group will do well product definition, advance product evolution, make a rapid response to user demands on such sectors as quality, appearance, interior, space, manipulation, configuration, etc., and create the new height of BAIC’s self-brand.

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