BAIC Partners with Baidu to Accelerate AI + Automobile Program


On October 13, 2017, BAIC Group and Baidu signed agreement of strategic cooperation in BAID Industrial and R&D Base, meaning they have reached strategic partnership at the group level in automobile intelligence. Baidu Founder and CEO Robin Li, VP and CEO Assistant Liang Zhixiang, General Manager Li Zhenyu of Baidu IDG, BAIC Group Party Secretary & Chairman Xu Heyi, Deputy Party Secretary & President Zhang Xiyong and other executives of the two parties were present at the signing ceremony. 

The two parties announced, at the signing ceremony, that they would, based on Baidu’s Apollo open platform and BAIC’s vehicle platform, take use of Baidu’s AI core technology and put into batch production of L3-level automatic- driving automobiles by 2019, and of L4-level automobile-driving automobiles by 2021. In terms of IoV, Baidu Apollo will integrate its DureOS, vehicle information safety, image recognition and other products and technologies with vehicle-mounted system of BAIC Group, so as to develop the one-stop IoV product. By the end of 2018, all vehicles of BAIC’s own brands will be equipped with Apollo IoV products. By 2019, more than one million units of BAIC will be equipped with Baidu IoV products. Besides, the two parties are also discussing cooperation in cloud service, build the all-new cloud eco-system, and seek the possibility of cooperating in big-data value added services such as intelligent transportation and mobile travels. 

BAIC Group Party Secretary & Chairman Xu Heyi said, as AI technologies emerge and rise, traditional manufacturing industry is confronted with unprecedented reform. We need to take more innovative and opener attitude towards the future. Intelligence represents development trend of global automobile industry, and one of the important routes for BAIC Group to transition to a manufacturing service provider and innovative enterprise. We hope to partner with Baidu and offer more solutions to automatic driving, intelligent networking and transportation, thus providing better life of travels for users. 

Baidu Founder and CEO Robin Li said, automobiles were first developed one hundred years ago, which have not only profoundly changed people’s lifestyle and ways of travel, but also created the all-new industrial system while taking the lead in manufacturing industry. Today, the partnership between Baidu and BAIC, which is an outstanding automobile manufacturer, will initiate innovation and application of autonomous vehicles while pushing automobile industry and even the holistic manufacturing industry in China into a new stage of development. 

Upgraded partnership 

The signing ceremony marks upgrading of existing partnership between BAIC Group and Baidu. In January 2017, BAIC Motor, a subsidiary of BAIC Group, and Baidu IV announced at CES 2017 in Las Vegas that they reached holistic strategic partnership in the field of intelligent vehicles. The two parties would work together to upgrade automobile intelligence. The signing ceremony in Beijing means they have reached partnership at the group level, thus upgrading their partnership to a new height, marking they would get into practical cooperation. 

BAIC Group, one of the pillar automobile groups in China, has established the industrial system with ten major business sectors, e.g., automobiles of its own brands, JV, new-energy vehicles, parts and components, and service trade, etc. BAIC Group is dedicated to developing futuristic technologies while upgrading the automobile electrification, intelligent, light weight and networking. 

Baidu is the world’s leading company in AI, which has leading technologies in automatic driving, big-data collection, analysis and application, and powerful technologies in profound learning and AI development. In July this year, Baidu initiated its Apollo open platform, the first-time systematic opening of automatic driving technologies in the world. In this three months, Apollo open platform has been pushed forward in a rapid and efficient way, gaining active response from global developers and partners. Till today, over 70 eco-partners have signed more than 50 agreements on batch production, product R&D and other intentions of cooperation. 

Through complementary advantages, the two parties will co-build the innovative and positive ecology, work together to facilitate innovations in automatic driving technologies and promote upgrading of automobile intelligence. 

Going deep and extensive, they will develop new pattern of intelligence 

Oriented towards the future, BAIC Group keeps working hard on innovations of vehicle intelligence and networking. The Group has made NOVA-PLS strategy of intelligent vehicles, aiming to take the leading position in the industry in the holistic intelligence strategic system that combines NOVA-Pilot, NOVA-Link and NOVA-Space. Till today, most automobile products of BAIC Group have been equipped with intelligent and IoV technologies and applications. 

By partnering with Baidu, BAIC Group will be supported by Baidu Apollo open platform to upgrade its competency in automobile intelligent and networking. Apollo, the open, complete and safe platform of Baidu, will support its partners in automobile industry and automatic driving to rapidly develop their own automatic driving system based on their vehicles and hardware system. As the first-batch large-scale partner of Apollo ecology, and the first automobile manufacturer that has reached holistic and profound partnership with Apollo in automatic driving, intelligent networking, cloud service, cloud automobile information safety, testing and demo operation of autonomous vehicles, etc. The presence of BAIC Group will help full-scale application of Apollo open platform in automobile industry. 

It is planned the technologies and solutions involved in the partnership in the fields of automatic driving, intelligent networking, cloud service, cloud automobile information safety, testing and demo operation of autonomous vehicles, etc. will be gradually applied in various BAIC models of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and new-energy vehicles, thus establishing the new pattern of BAIC Group 2.0 intelligent development.

Use high-techs to steer upgrading and transformation of manufacturing industry

At present, technological innovations are moving forward fast in the world. New technology reform is ongoing. Internet, big data, cloud computing, AI and other new technologies are emerging and rising. Intelligence and networking trend is seen in the global automobile industry. As the major players in China’s automobile industry and Internet industry, BAIC Group and Baidu have the responsibility to boost upgrading of automobile industry in China and help it stand out in the new round of global competition. 

The partnership will function as a model in the industry that is dedicated to integrating AI with automobiles in a holistic and profound way, thus producing far-reaching influence in both automobile and AI fields. In the automobile field, the partnership will ensure the most extensive and deepest combination between automobile and AI technologies. In the AI field, the partnership represents the holistic and major application of AI technologies in manufacturing industry.

Innovation is the unexhausted force that pushes forward technological progress, industrial upgrading and corporate development. According to the 18th National Congress of CPC, “Technological innovations constitute the strategic support to improve productivity and comprehensive national strength, which should always be placed in the priority position”, “China will keep facilitating innovations in theory, institution, technologies, culture and other aspects”. By establishing partnership, BAIC Group and Baidu will join hands to work in automobile and AI fields, thus representing the innovative spirit of China’s enterprises. At the same time, the two parties, both headquartered in Beijing, also represent the important result of Beijing in technological innovations. As instructed by Beijing Party Secretary Mr. Cai Qi, who required “deem innovation as the driving force, enhance innovation-driven development, build the leading and sophisticated industrial structure and develop core technologies of BAIC”, BAIC Group will play the leading role in building Beijing into a National Center for Technological Innovations. 

BAIC Group and Baidu will continue to work hard. Concentrating on innovation business form of AI + automobile, they will take upper hand in high-tech and innovation development by taking the forward-looking vision, being cooperative and open, thus helping China’s manufacturing grow larger and stronger in the new era and create the fresh splendid achievements. 

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