"Group Pattern 2.0" launching, BAIC set outs IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main together with BHAP


On Sep.13 2017, BAIC Group set out 67th IAA CARS Frankfurt /Main with its subsidiary company, Beijing BHAP Auto Parts Co., Ltd., showing its “intelligent, electrical-driven and lightweight” auto part products independently developed by BAIC Group. This is an important exhibition of BAIC Group for its industry chain comprehensive capacity and prospective technology on an international stage of high class, and also an important practice of its “Group Pattern 2.0” strategy in the world.

Ranking the 137th place of world's top 500 and as a Chinese backbone auto enterprise , BAIC Group has established the comprehensively-developing industrial system composed of ten business segments of independent brand, joint venture cooperation, new energy vehicles, parts, service and trade, industrial finance, internationalization, general aviation, travel service, and reform & transformation, in which auto parts business segment is the strategic segment for BAIC Group to develop automobile whole industry chain service capability, and realize the transformation to manufacturing service type and innovation-oriented enterprise.

BAIC Groupto established Beijing BHAP Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in 2008. The past decade saw the rapid development of BHAP’s scale, strength, and market influence. In 2016, its annual sales reached RMB 48.8 billion Yuan, ranking the 68th place in global parts top 100 of "American Automotive News" in 2016.

Sunroof, piston assembly, intelligent car system, engine cylinder head, magnesium alloy wheel hub ... ... in this exhibition, BHAP followed the trend of lightweight technology, mainly exhibiting steel-to-plastics, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy parts, as well as a series solutions of using new "lightweight and high strength" materials to replace steel and iron, so as to reduce vehicle weight and energy consumption. 

At the exhibition site, the R&D personnel mainly explained BHAP’s technologies in the fields of advanced driving assistance system, electric automobile gearbox, etc., and introduced the layout of new energy auto parts products such as electric air conditioner, electric power steering, and electric brake, as well as a variety of parts and components used for main new energy automotive products, which attracted a large number of OEMs and auto parts enterprises, the exchange was very enthusiastic.

According to the introduction, the products presenting in the exhibition are just part of the products of BHAP’s "product library". BHAP’s product system covers internal and external trim systems, electronic systems, chassis system, power system, and body system, providing parts supporting services to more than 40 customers throughout the world, including Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, etc. BHAP not only owns a full range of products, but also has a strong influence in several subdivided segments, such as sunroof, piston, etc. At present, its market share of sunroof products ranks the second place in the world, and its development and market comprehensive strength of piston products ranks the fourth. 

On the morning of September 13 (Germany local time), BHAP signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hella Group, a memorandum of cooperation with Magna Closure Group, and a memorandum of understanding with ZF Group. The achievement of a series of international cooperation with these international partners brought into a new impetus for the overseas expansion and international upgrade of BAIC Group’s parts system. 

In the strategic plan of BAIC Group’s " Group Pattern 2.0 ", the technology upgrade, product upgrade, and service upgrade of parts segment has become an important driving force for BAIC Group to increase its independent innovation ability. Mr. Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group, pointed out that BHAP shall speed up the construction of R & D system, continue to make technical breakthroughs, gradually complete the "electric, intelligent, networking, lightweight" technology reserves for parts and components, accelerate the pace of modular, systematic , and platform development, rapidly realize the innovation upgrade and application development of key parts and components, and provide strong support to self-owned brands from core technology, product quality, comprehensive cost, after-sales service, and other aspects.

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