Develop South Africa Market to Build the New Beacon for the Belt & Road Initiative | BAIC Group Debut South African Festival of Motoring 2017


On September 1, 2017, South African Festival of Motoring 2017 was opened in Kyalami International Racing Field in Johannesburg. BAIC Group, with own brand products, enters auto market in South Africa. This is the first time for BAIC Group to make its debut in an overseas auto show with group brand. This also represents BAIC’s a major move to fulfill its strategy of boosting Group New Pattern 2.0.

BAIC Group exhibited the core products BAIC X25, D20 and BJ 40L SUV vehicles. With stylish and smart-looking design, rich high-tech configurations and exceptional control, RHD X25 is launched in South Africa market today. The RHD D20 is the first passenger vehicle launched by BAIC Group in South Africa in this April. Since its launch into the market, it has won recognition from local users with its international quality and intelligent technologies while consolidating confidence of BAIC Group to get rooted in South Africa and compete in international market. 

Military quality produces classics. All-road vehicles are the first trump card of BAIC Group to develop its own brands. BAIC’s all-road vehicles were once used by the cast and crew of Wolf Warriors II in Johannesburg, leaving a bright and valiant impression. BJ 40L inherits the quality of military vehicles, adopts non-loadable body structure and ensure that the body is not deformed even driving for a long distance in bad road conditions. With the excellent all-road performance, it is able to cope with various complex road conditions in South Africa. Today, BJ 40L SUV vehicles are here in South Africa again to explore the new front line in local auto market.

International layout of BAIC Group

South Africa is the bridgehead of Africa market, whose auto industry is the integral part of local economic growth. As the project in the Belt & Road Initiative and the leading project of BAIC Group, BAIC Group South Africa Base is the important project for the Group to get based on South Africa and reach the Africa continent, Europe and Oceania market.

BAIC Group is dedicated to growing stronger and larger while marching towards the world. As BAIC Group continues its efforts along the Belt & Road Initiative, BAIC Group has become an automobile manufacturer in China with global influence and competitiveness.In 2017, BAIC has jumped to 137 in the world top 500 enterprise rankings

Internationalization is an important path for BAIC transformation & upgrading and building its Group Pattern 2.0. According to Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group, the international development of BAIC Group, through upgrading, innovation and localization, will be upgraded to 2.0 version,  powering towards the Group Pattern 2.0. In South African Festival of Motoring 2017, BAIC Group has made its debut. In the future, it will present itself on the wider range of international stage to display the Group Pattern 2.0.

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