BAIC Mobility Co., Ltd. is unveiled | BAIC Group builds wholly-new service platform


On April 8, 2017, BAIC Mobility Co., Ltd., a wholly new travel service platform under BAIC Group, was officially unveiled. The enterprise is a new layout arrangement of BAIC Group in response to the new normal and building new mode and shared economy. Many leaders of government and enterprises attended the unveiling ceremony, including Song Yu, Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, Li Junjie, Vice Governor of Chaoyang District and leaders from relevant commissions, offices and administrations of Beijing and Chaoyang District, and leaders of BAIC Group, such as Xu Heyi, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board, and the Zhang Xiyong, General Manager.

Establishing BAIC Mobility in order to build shared service, construct green city and boost sustainable development marks that BAIC Group has made a step of strategic significance forward of transformation from traditional manufacturing enterprise to manufacturing service-oriented and innovative enterprise, and highlights due sense of responsibility and courage of BAIC Group as a large-sized state-owned enterprise.

Xu Heyi, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of BAIC Group, expressed that “BAIC Mobility is an innovation in the mode of combination of traditional overall vehicle manufacturing industry with emerging information technology industry and financial industry and erects a new benchmark of extending the industrial value chain of overall vehicle enterprises. We have great expectations on BAIC Mobility and hope it can develop around China and globally from the base of Beijing and keep leading and pioneering in the tide of green economy and shared economy, so as to meet diverse demands of transport and travel in the future and become an excellent comprehensive travel service provider and a new striking name card of BAIC Group.

Relying on transformation advantage to build a new star in the times of shared economy

BAIC Mobility Co., Ltd. is a strategic result of BAIC Group’s efforts for many years in continuously deepening the transformation from traditional manufacturing enterprise to manufacturing service-oriented and innovative enterprise and a new force to constantly drive service-oriented transformation of BAIC Group in the future. BAIC Group centers on four development strategies of new energy, double independent brand, internationalization and intelligence, and sticks to the transformation path of “Differential, Electric, Intelligent, Connected, International and Service-oriented” development, to keep improving auto industrial chain and ecological circle and provide users with overall travel solutions, accumulating a rich experiences for developing comprehensive travel service.

BAIC Group’s all-range new energy vehicle products have laid solid foundation of product for development of auto business, its strategic development conforming to policy orientation and its long-term close cooperation relation with the government have laid good foundation of business; successful operation of Beijing Mobility has enriched BAIC Group’s practice experience in service network construction and its operation. Supported by many its advantages, BAIC Group will surely start a new horizon in the industry with its powerful layout in shared auto field. 

Serving social life in an all-round manner with a wholly-new service idea

BAIC Mobility will rely on existing business travel service, follow the business idea of “Green Travel, Smart Travel and Happy Travel” and center on the intelligent, comprehensive transport service platform, to organically integrate all travel types and build efficient 3D travel service system.

BAIC Mobility will advocate the idea of shared economy and build “Green Travel” on the basis of perfectly serving government reform of official vehicles, and rely on the intelligent comprehensive travel service platform and base on BJEV’s new energy vehicles to establish a green whole-type travel service system covering car-hailing system, taxi, smart shuttle bus and shared logistics, etc., to address the difficulties in travel, effectively alleviate traffic jam, reduce environmental pollution and create green and ecological livable city.

In order to provide higher-quality service experience, BAIC Mobility conforms to current intelligent technology trend, to develop “Smart Travel”. It will build an intelligent comprehensive platform combining information collection, management output, data analysis and capital operation as a whole, and will rely on the platform’s powerful cloud computing capability and data mining capability, to show smart layout, dispatching, management, service and risk control and smart connection of shared vehicles, make timely response to users’ demands, optimize users’ experience, and let users fully enjoy convenient life from intelligent transport.

BAIC Mobility devotes itself to becoming a comprehensive travel service provider, and the scope of service will widely cover all the aspects of consumers’ life to develop “Happy Travel”. BAIC Mobility will take users as the core to offer services of conference and exhibition, business travel, personal tailored tourism and medical care and create top-level service experience. Meanwhile, BAIC Mobility will provide vulnerable groups including the disabled and solitary elders with special travel service, so as to serve society, benefit common people and highlight the sense and spirit of responsibility of state-owned enterprises.

Cai Suping, Chairman of the Board of BAIC Mobility Co., Ltd. and member of the Party Standing Committee and Vice General Manager of BAIC Group, expressed that BAIC Mobility Co., Ltd. is a landmark enterprise in BAIC Group’s transformation from traditional manufacturing enterprise to manufacturing service-oriented and innovative enterprise. In the future, we will construct BAIC Mobility into a global green travel service platform, to build travel service industrial chain and value chain and form closed-loop development of businesses in the whole industrial chain of people, vehicle, road, Internet and business. BAIC Mobility is a platform of BAIC Group that properly serve government, society and the public, provide product and service and carry out cultural spreading, and a new economic growth point for BAIC’s transformation and upgrading.

With multiple measures and multi-party cooperation to restructure travel service 

In the unveiling ceremony, BAIC Mobility Co., Ltd. and BEZ Group and Evergreen (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. concluded the tri-party agreement, to carry out the multi-level, multi-field and the multi-form strategic cooperation in green travel intelligent operation platform building smart park project investment and development, etc.

In order to integrate the wider travel resources, BAIC Mobility Co., Ltd. has also concluded an agreement with Yunnan Metropolitan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., to give full play to their specific advantages to carry out strategic cooperation in tourism project investment and development of comprehensive travel service platform construction, new energy vehicle popularization and construction of charging infrastructure, etc.. 

BAIC Mobility has also made active efforts in expanding cooperation with international partners, and concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with relevant internationally leading smart shuttle bus travel scheme provider. According to the agreement, both parties will establish a JV to establish and operate a shared travel service system in China with shared travel solution by taking advantages of intelligent urban shuttle bus. 

Currently, shared economy is booming, and shared car will provide new possible choices in addressing people’s short-distance travel and med long distance travel, meaning broad market prospects. In the future, those who can integrate resources of all parties, successfully address difficulties of users and extend service items will dominate in the market. BAIC Mobility has reached strategic cooperation with multiple domestic and foreign partners with advantageous service resources and leading Internet technologies since the beginning of establishment, and will surely witness rapid development in shared economy field and travel service market and become a benchmark in the industry. 

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