Beijing Benz is appraised as the best factory in the world


A few days ago, the award ceremony of “2016 Global Operational Excellence Best Factory” was held in Munich, Germany, and Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. won the award of “Best Large-sized Manufacturer”, becoming the first Chinese overall vehicle manufacturing enterprise winning the top award in the world manufacturing sector.

The award of “Global Operational Excellence Best Factory” was created by global famous business weekly Produktion and A.T. Kearney in 1992, and is for outstanding-operation benchmark enterprise in global manufacturing sector through stringent industry testing standard. In the discussion and election in 2016, Beijing Benz won the award against manufacturers from 13 countries by its advanced management and operation idea.

“Quality comes from manufacturing in all production links rather than from check.” Which is the word that Beijing Benz members always hold. Beijing Benz is the largest Benz passenger vehicle production and manufacturing base of Daimler in the world, with three platforms of front wheel drive vehicle, rear wheel drive and power system. Beijing Benz has developed the standardized, process-based and diverse quality management system in three core production fields of overall vehicle, components and engine, to realize all-round data monitoring and recording of production and manufacturing process, enjoy sync and real-time sharing of core data with Daimler’s global database and realize traceability and global standardization of product quality.

Against the current backdrop of slower industrial growth in Beijing, Beijing Benz serves as an important force to drive manufacturing sector of the Beijing to be high-end and realize intelligent upgrading. Taking the intelligent logistics distribution cart in Beijing Benz’ workshops as an example, these “Intelligent Housekeeper”can sort out and well arrange complete sets of parts in response to demands of users’ orders, and deliver the parts to the specified position on time, to make operators able to complete precise assembly without movement, effectively reducing labor intensity and lifting production efficiency.

In terms of team skill level, since 2008, Beijing Benz has dispatched more than 1,200 employees to Daimler’s global factories in Sindelfingen and Bremen, etc. to participate in trial assembly and process formulation of new products. In 2014 and 2016, Beijing Benz also dispatched elite team to Daimler’s East London Factory in the South Africa and Sao Paulo Factory in Brazil in order to provide technical support to implement the new models and projects.

Fueled by platform-based results, Beijing Benz has witnessed soaring performance in market in recent years, and its product ranges have developed to the product matrix consisting of long wheel base E car, standard wheel base E car, long wheel base C car, standard wheel base C car, GLC SUV and GLA SUV from initial E car.

In 2016, Beijing Benz reported annual output topping 300,000 sets for the first time, up 30% more y-o-y; sales volume more than 317,000 sets, up 27% y-o-y, accounting for nearly 70% of Benz’s sales volume in China.

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