Forerunner of the times, Chairman Xu Heyi wins the Annual Character Award of “2016 Chinese Automobile Annual Festival”


On Jan. 18, 2017, “2016 Chinese Automobile Annual Festival” was grandly held in Beijing Phoenix Center. This Festival, with the theme of “To Forerunners of the Times”, focused on figures, vehicles and enterprises forwarding with keen determination in 2016. Xu Heyi , Chairman of the Board of BAIC Group, won the award of “Annual Character”, and at the same time BAIC Kunbao was granted the Annual Market Performance Award”. 

The Award Ceremony Speech for the “Annual Character” of 2016 Chinese Automobile Annual Festival: With annual production and sales topping 2.8 million sets, having entered World Top 500 for four times, in 15 years he changed the history of BAIC. Recalling in the past, at the age of 40 or so he started to lead the enterprise, aiming at his goal, bold and resolute and with a forward-looking vision firmly. From deepening JV cooperation to concentrating on independent rise, he broke limitations of system by taking a vigorous action. With efforts of development in all fields possible, through integration, win-win cooperation and capital operation, he boosted the Group to enter the fast track of development. “Following the law and value to make a success and win”, making unremitting efforts to advance against trials and hardships in 15 years, Xu Heyi, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Beijing Automotive Industry Holding, won the honor of Annual Character of 2016 Chinese Automobile Annual Festival. 

“The vision of an entrepreneur determines the future of its enterprise”. Over the past 10 years, Chairman Xu Heyi led BAIC Group to develop into an enterprise with international reputation and influence and ranked No. 160 in World Top 500 for four consecutive years. 

In 2016, BAIC Group reported new historical high in major operation indicators once again and made a good start in the “13th Five-Year Plan” period with outstanding overall vehicle sales performance and leading the five major auto groups in growth rate. Last year, the whole Group saw sales of overall vehicles of 2.847 million sets, up 15% y-o-y, 1.4% higher than others in the industry and lifting its market share to 10.2%, of which overall vehicle exports reached 88,000 sets, better than others in the industry; the operating income stood at 406.1 billion yuan, up 17.9% y-o-y, above the quota of annual challenge goal. 

 As an innovator with strategic vision, courage and great daring and resolution, Chairman Xu Heyi proposed the strategy of advancing BAIC Group to transform from traditional manufacturing enterprise to manufacturing service-oriented and innovative enterprise. In 2016, the first year of the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, he further clarified the transformation path of “Differential, Electric, Intelligent, Connected, International and Service-oriented” development. BAIC Group will embark on the new journey “From Excellent to Outstanding”. 

He Guangyuan, minister of former Ministry of Machinery Industry CEO,Phoenix Satellite Television COO and Chairman Liu Shuang

Jointly issued the award to Chairman Xu Heyi

Chairman Xu Heyi expressed that “In the new year, the whole international and domestic economic situations are complicated and changing rapidly. In auto industry as one of an important pillar of China, every member shoulders important tasks and faces pressing situation and more pressure. With 2025 approaching, we should practice as General Secretary Xi proposed, talk less but do more in the new turning period, to make joint efforts for becoming an auto power and achieving the Chinese Dream.

The “Chinese Automobile Annual Festival” has experienced five years, completely integrated Phoenix Satellite Television,, Mobile Customer Terminal,, Phoenix Metropolis Media and Phoenix Weekly as well as all other media resources, has been specially supported by the Auto Industry Branch, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, making it become a highly influential award ceremony in Chinese auto industry. 

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