Innovation leads into the future - BAIC wins "2016 Innovation Leadership" Award


On December 16, 2016, the 2017 Youth Attitude: Car Ceremony & Car Forum of 2016 International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Expo was held in Beijing. BAIC Group (BAIC) won the "2016 Innovation Leadership" award, a grand award presented at the 2017 Car Ceremony, in recognition of its outstanding performance in independent innovation. BJEV won the "2016 New Energy Enterprise" award. This award highly recognizes BAIC's innovation achievements, and will motivate BAIC to proceed with innovation-driven development.

As a key enterprise in the Chinese auto industry, BAIC has created amazing "BAIC Speed" after years of rapid development. From a local enterprise in Beijing to an international automotive group ranked 160th on the Fortune Global 500, every bit of progress of BAIC has been driven by innovation. 

BAIC has stuck to technical innovation, persistently improving its capacity for independent innovation and development. In the traditional vehicle field, BAIC has continued to upgrade passenger vehicle and key system development technologies, and turned out over one million independent-branded passenger vehicles in five years; in a forward-looking technology field, BAIC has grasped technical trends, conducted deployment and carried out constant exploration. BJEV has been the electric vehicle sales champion for many consecutive years, and kept ahead in the industry in smart driving and lightweight application. Through traditional technology upgrading and forward-looking technology application, BAIC has built the core competitiveness of independent innovation.

BAIC also attaches great importance to business model innovation. BAIC has designed an innovative business model in such aspects as business environment, supply chain and industrial ecology, and created a new value network through open business cooperation and business model innovation beyond enterprise boundaries, so as to improve its ability to meet customer needs. BAIC has worked innovatively with outstanding global partners such as Mercedes Benz and Hyundai; built a ROCAR platform serving the whole auto industry chain; built a new energy and green travel ecosphere; conducted deployment in the general aviation industry and provided integrated transport solutions.... BAIC will open up a road unlike those taken by traditional automakers.

Now more and more of BAIC’s innovative achievements are coming into use, making their way into urban life and serving as a blueprint for a bright future. At Auto China 2016, BAIC offered driverless cars for riding; BAIC's driverless cars are operating on the Red Beach in Panjin, Liaoning Province; during the G20 Science, Technology & Innovation Ministers Meeting[], BAIC appeared with its core products as a symbol of Chinese innovation; in Beijing and other major Chinese cities, BAIC's new energy taxicabs and city buses are operating around the clock. The model of battery-swapping operation offers new solutions for green city construction....

Facing the profound and complex changes taking place in the global auto industry, BAIC is focusing on changing from a traditional manufacturer into a manufacturing service provider and an innovative enterprise. Driven by innovation, BAIC will make all-round efforts on "differentiation, electrification, intelligentization, networking, internationalization and service orientation,” and contribute to realizing the grand blueprint of "Made in China 2025" and bringing China's auto industry to the top of the world in the future.

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