BAIC Ruili Provides Aid to Myanmar Refugees and Resolves to Reach Mass Production


On the 20th of November, there was an armed attack on regions including Region 105 in northwestern Myanmar and Mujie County. BAIC Ruili’s project is located in Wanding Development Zone in Yunnan Province, bordering the area of conflict in Myanmar. Over the past days, all of BAIC’s employees have been holding the country’s front line, staying at their construction posts and providing selfless aid to the local refugees, which has set a positive example of BAIC’s civic responsibility.

During the local hostilities occurring in northern Myanmar, shots could be heard inside BAIC’s factory area, which is not even 400 m from the border port. BAIC organized for safety reminders to be sent out to all employees at the earliest time, advising them to try and avoid going out at night and reduce heading into sensitive areas. Facing production tasks at the end of 2016 as well as occasional sounds of gunfire, the confidence and determination in construction for all BAIC employees was not affected, with project construction and equipment installation work at the site being carried out in an orderly fashion. Currently, the main work for the painting and welding workshops is almost completed and equipment installation and debugging is steadily progressing.

Upon learning that the refugee shelter the Chinese government had set up in Wanding, to which a large number of refugees had arrived, began lacking supplies, on the afternoon of the 22nd November, BAIC’s trade union speedily organized for the donation of 200 cases of mineral water, 20 boxes of instant noodles, 20 boxes of mixed congee and other supplies. BAIC’s Heart Public Welfare Program, an act fulfilling our social responsibility, created a positive image at the site, and received the praise of local residents and settled refugees. 

As a globalized car company at 160th in the Fortune Global 500, BAIC relies on the power of the Belt and Road strategy, carrying out operations in the southwest and expanding into the South Asian and Southeast Asian markets. BAIC’s projects strive to set up comprehensive regional car operation platforms in the Southwest, facing West Asia and Southeast Asia from the motherland. It is a strategic deployment driving BAIC’s pace of internationalization, drawing on the strength of the Belt and Road. 

In the heartlessness of war, the friendship between China and Burma remains and the race towards mass production never wavers. The people of BAIC have shown that they will put their strength together and move forward to resolutely enact BAIC’s “spirit of the craftsman” and make the final push towards achieving the target of mass production by handing in a satisfied response sheet to BAIC.

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