BAIC Group’s BGAC fleet in spotlight at Air Show China


On November 1st, 2016, the 11th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition was declared open in Zhuhai, China. Beijing General Aviation Co., Ltd (BGAC), a subsidiary of BAIC Group, stunningly debuted at the air show as an invited exhibitor together with its member units and a number of important models. 

Zhuhai Air Show, the only of its kind approved by the Chinese central government, is one of the world’s five most influential air shows. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Zhuhai Air Show as well as the 60th anniversary of the beginning of China’s space program. The air show of unprecedented dimensions attracted more than 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions all over the world. BAIC Group is an automobile manufacturer ranked 160th on Fortune 500. With its rapid development in recent years, it not only has made its way to the forefront of Chinese automakers but also has expanded its scope of operations from ground to sky, thus becoming the first Chinese automaker to span the automotive industry and the general aviation industry.

This time the BGAC is going to demonstrate to both domestic and foreign audiences the “air power” of BAIC Group with a wider range of products, including P750s, AW series helicopters, E-350s, CT-4s, 500 kilogram civil-military unmanned helicopters, H2S plant protection helicopters, “Eye in the Sky” project prototypes and a series of other real aircraft and models. 

On the morning of November 1st, BGAC Zhuhai Air Show Press Conference was held in No. 5 pavilion of the air show venue. At the press conference, the BGAC officially delivered the first “Changzhou made” P-750 aircraft and held an order-placing ceremony for several aircraft coming soon. BGAC signed P-750 aircraft procurement contracts with three companies. While delivering the P750 aircraft, BGAC also secured new orders. 

At the press conference, the BGAC also signed procurement agreements with several customers for AW series helicopters, securing big orders for AW series helicopters. In order to construct and improve the BGAC helicopter system, the BGAC and aviation technology service providers have signed cooperation agreements, under which maintenance services will be provided for Leonardo helicopters in China in the principle of “complementary strengths, win-win cooperation.” Next, the BGAC will continue to deepen strategic cooperation with Italy’s Leonardo Group. By cooperating with international companies and integrating advantageous resources, the BGAC will gradually establish a complete helicopter system covering helicopter manufacturing and sales, ancillary equipment, maintenance services, personnel training and base construction. 

The BGAC reaped great success in terms of both aircraft sales and strategic cooperation on the first day of Zhuhai Air Show, epitomizing the BGAC’s development results as a leader of the Chinese general aviation industry while indicating the promising prospect for the development of China’s aviation industry. 

This is the second time that the BGAC has participated in Zhuhai Air Show. In 2014, the BGAC stunningly debuted at the 10th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition as a solid platform of BAIC Group’s strategic general aviation industry segment. It concluded a series of cooperation agreements concerning a number of major international and domestic projects with New Zealand’s Pacific Aerospace Corporation and Italy’s Leonardo Group (formerly known as “Finmeccanica Helicopters”). Besides, it also began a national industrial layout on a full scale by officially signing strategic cooperation agreements with Jiangxi, Yinchuan, Jilin and other local governments to jointly develop the general aviation industry. 

BAIC Group, in addition to its role as an automaker and service provider, also aims to become an integrated transportation solution provider. Through the development of service-oriented manufacturing, it seeks to promote the whole industry chain’s service capacity and build a new ecology of transportation services. Combining general aviation with traditional vehicles and new energy vehicles, BAIC Group will build a three-dimensional transportation service system and provide users with an integrated transportation solution. In the future, BAIC Group will focus on new energy vehicles and general aviation aircraft, and strive to achieve the transformation and upgrading of its manufacturing industry and provide a new impetus for national and regional economic development.

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