New Opportunity, New Image, New Power - BAIC supports ISO General Assembly


On September 12, 2016, the 39th ISO General Assembly was held in Beijing. Delegates of 165 ISO members, as well as more than 10 international organizations and regional organizations met in Beijing to discuss the grand development plan for international standardization.

As an official partner of the assembly, BAIC Group (BAIC) provided quality service vehicles throughout the assembly, showing its international strength and style to guests from around the world.

New Opportunity: Serving the international event to show BAIC's strength

The ISO General Assembly was another international conference in China right after the G20 Hangzhou Summit. ISO is the largest and most authoritative international standardization organization in the world. As ISO's member states and regions contribute to 98 percent of global GDP, and their populations account for 97 percent of the global population, the assembly is also known as the UN "general assembly on technology.” As the highest authority of ISO, the assembly decides on major international standardization strategies, policy-related management and other affairs, formulates and amends the ISO Constitution, and carries out the most important meetings.

Serving such an important foreign-related event as the ISO General Assembly is a concentrated test of BAIC's product level and capacity for internationalized service. As a key enterprise in China's auto industry and a representative of the capital's high-end manufacturing, BAIC has been ranked on the Fortune Global 500 for many consecutive years, and jumped to 160th in 2016, so as to become an internationally influential and competitive enterprise. It was natural and appropriate for BAIC to undertake the mission to serve the assembly.

BAIC used the assembly as a platform to show its strength, strengthen international exchange, and enhance its international brand popularity and influence. To ensure the success of the assembly and serve guests well with regards to their transportation, BAIC established a service team comprising fine vehicles in association with its subsidiaries (BAIC Motor, Beijing Benz, Foton), to showcase the quality and strength of BAIC's independent and JV brands.

New Image: New energy buses provide green transport service

BAIC's service team comprises the Mercedez Benz E-series car, BAIC Senova D70, Foton AUV bus and Toano van. These models performed strongly in major international and domestic events such as the two national sessions, the APEC Meeting, the September 3 military parade and the G20 Summit.

Of these vehicles, the AUV new energy bus was the most numerous (20) and had the widest application. This was the first time that new energy vehicles were used on such a large scale during the ISO General Assembly.

The AUV new energy bus is a main force in Foton's "green public transport solutions," as well as China's first customized premium new energy commercial bus. With highlights such as zero emission and high end, it is an ideal means of transport by which urban medium- & high-end people commute and travel.

The AUV new energy bus not only represents BAIC's advanced level in the new energy bus field, but also shows the world the strength of "Made in China," and delivers green, safe and comfortable transport services to guests.

With new energy vehicle development as its strategic emphasis, BAIC has not only established BJEV, but also vigorously developed new energy vehicles in all vehicle sectors. To date, BAIC's brands including Senova and Foton have formed a new energy vehicle series. BAIC has grown into one of the new energy vehicle manufacturers with the largest industrial scale, the most complete industry chain and the largest demonstrative operation scale in China.

In the future, BAIC will speed up the R&D and industrialization of new energy vehicles by accelerating the strategic transportation and industrial upgrading of new energy work, to keep ahead in China's new energy vehicle field.

New Power: Connecting the world through standardization

BAIC attaches great importance to standardization. It has not only taken an active part in ISO's international standardization events, but also made great progress in standardization construction.

In 2014, BAIC worked out the Standardization Construction Plan of BAIC Group, to comprehensively advance the standardization construction of BAIC. BAIC has built an integrated industry chain development platform and advanced the ISO9001 Quality Management System from scratch. Moreover, BAIC's internal IT department has established the ISO20000 Standard System, setting a precedent in China's auto industry. BAIC's social responsibility report partly used the ISO26000 Standard. BAIC has established an all-round standardized quality management system. 

To further improve its management level and performance level, on the basis of the ISO9001 Quality Management System, BAIC has introduced the model of excellent performance management, an effective internationally recognized tool for organization performance management. With this model as the criterion, BAIC has explored major highlights such as R&D innovation, brand management, strategic management and performance management, to positively enhance its core competitiveness.

In recent years, BAIC has sped up its globalization. Facing different countries and markets in the world, BAIC has successfully "gone global" through its international standardized management system, and established manufacturing bases in many countries.

In June 2015, BAIC won the 1st "Quality Management Award" from the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. In July 2016, BAIC was ranked 160th on the "Fortune Global 500.” The standardized management system has promoted the fast growth of BAIC and boosted its international competitiveness.

Themed on "Standards promote global connectivity,” the 39th ISO General Assembly is committed to promoting the global development of standardization, to facilitate international materials exchange and support, and expand cooperation in knowledge, science, technology and economy. Through the assembly, BAIC will cement its cooperation with ISO, strengthen standardization construction and accelerate globalization.

Xu Heyi, chairman of BAIC, stressed that standardization should be established and promoted resolutely, solidly and persistently from generation to generation as part of BAIC's group strategy, and should be perfected frequently, to keep BAIC forging towards the objective of becoming a top global enterprise.

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