All on Show: BAIC Group Presents 18 Models at Xi’an Auto Show


From July 6 to July 11, the 7th Xi’an International Auto Show was held at Qujiang International Conference & Exhibition Center in Xi’an. Adopting the theme “Your Wishes & Our Ways”. BAIC group presented its own brands BAIC Motor, BAIC BJEV, CHANGHE, Beiqi Foton, YINXIANG and JV brands including Beijing Benz, Beijing Hyundai and CHANGHE SUZUKI, exhibiting 18 models at the Auto Show to reveal the group’s achievements in independent innovation and JV development. 

The auto market in Xi’an is huge. As a Fortune Top 500 company, BAIC group is working hard to fulfill its tasks specified in China’s 13th Five-year Plan and try to seize the opportunity brought by the “Belt & Road Initiative”. While ensuring a strategic transition, BAIC is extending its brand influence in northwest China. Moreover, the Xi’an Auto Show is also an important stop on the BAIC World Tour campaign. In the second half of this year, BAIC group will continue to present models at auto shows throughout China, consolidating sales channels with the brand value of the group. 

Exhibits – both Chinese and JV brands

At the Xi’an Auto Show, the Chinese brands and JV brands of BAIC group attracted visits and queries from many consumers. 

Adapting to the popularity of SUVs in recent years, BAIC SENOVA has launched a few SUV models such as the X25, X35 and X55, which were exhibited at the Auto Show in Xi’an. Moreover, CHANGHE brought along the Q25, YINXIANG exhibited its S6, and FOTON presented its first SUV model the Sauvana. All SUV brands owned by BAIC group were presented to Xi’an citizens, meeting the huge demand in the local market for SUV models. 

Visitors Test Ride Senova X25 at Xi’an Auto Show

The BJ40, BJ40L and BJ80 in the Cross-country Family were also presented at the Xi’an Auto Show. BAIC group deems the BJ series to be the “ace in the hole” of its own brands. By differentiating the categories and adopting the spirit of craftsmanship, BAIC has developed off-road vehicles with the quality of military products, realizing the consumers’ dreams of driving on the vast wilderness in northwest China. 

Aside from this, BAIC BJEV also brought its pure electric vehicle, the EU260 so as to develop green and environment-friendly travel in the ancient city of Xi’an. 

EU260, the Pure EV of BAIC at the Xi’an Auto Show

While working hard to develop Chinese brands, BAIC group is also integrating its global resources and continuing to facilitate JV development. At the Xi’an Auto Show this year, Beijing Benz’s GLA, the Elantra of Beijing Hyundai, the Big Dipper of CHANGHE SUZUKI and other JV brands attracted great attention. 

For years, BAIC group has been constantly consolidating and enhancing its partnership with Daimler, increasing the rate of localization, improving capacity, and facilitating and strengthening the building of marketing channels. The GLA, which was presented at the Xi’an Auto Show, is a popular compact SUV model that can meet local demands for high-end brands. 

The Elantra of Beijing Hyundai exhibited at the Auto Show had the famous movie star Hu Ge as its spokesperson. Since its launch on to the market three months ago, it has achieved wonderful sales performances and become a popular star sedan in Xi’an.

The Big Dipper of CHANGHE SUZUKI at the Auto Show in Xi’an is an economical and practical family MPV, a classic minicar familiar to Xi’an citizens. 

Services – the best holistic service

The 18 models brought by BAIC group to the Xi’an Auto Show are tailored to local needs. For example, the Senova X35, BJ80, CHANGHE Q25 and Elantra of Beijing Hyundai are newly-launched models and have gained good sales performances. 

It is known that BAIC group brands have achieved a wonderful level of fame and reputation thanks to their excellent service. Many citizens are familiar with their models and configurations and would buy vehicles in the dealers’ shops. The sales network of BAIC is covered well with many shops of CHANGHE, YINXIANG and Beijing Hyundai in Xi’an. In the form of distribution channels, these shops are also seen in neighboring sub cities and counties, making it convenient for consumers to buy BAIC vehicles. 

Salespeople of BAIC Group Explain the CHANGHE Q25 to Audiences

The nearby shops of BAIC provide door-to-door order-signing and transport services for customers. BAIC has an exclusive distributor in Xi’an with shops in all districts and counties of Xi’an, which provide one-package services for consumers including purchasing, licensing, insurance, maintenance and rescue. As for the BAIC Senova’s sales performance, sales can reach about 150 units per month in the weak season and 300 units in the busy season. The sales performance of the cross-country vehicle BJ series can reach about 40-50 units per month, ranking in a leading position among Chinese brands. 

The BJ40 – BAIC’s Cross-country Vehicle at the Xi’an Auto Show

The popularity of SUVs is, first, attributed to the trends in the auto market in recent years. Second, many municipal constructions are being done these years and road repairs have been seen in many places. With their high chassis, SUV models can adapt to many road conditions. 

In the Xi’an market, cross-country vehicles are mainly oriented towards outdoor sport lovers and those working in mines and enterprises. BAIC dealers provide personalized retrofitting services for tyres, interior, suspensions, and front and rear bumpers. The dealers can retrofit vehicles if the users voice their requirements. Because Xi’an has many mountains around it, there are many users who love cross-country driving. BAIC provides 24-hour road rescue service when accidents happen in the mountains. 

Brand – BAIC Group speeds up strategic transformation

In the 12th Five-year Plan period, BAIC group made large steps forward and achieved outstanding results. By taking the path of group development, BAIC has established the large-scale vehicle, parts manufacturing and service trade system while engaging in civil aviation and financial services. Its scale economy and position in the industry have been improved considerably. 

Since being listed in the Fortune 500 in 2013 for the first time, BAIC group’s ranking has improved year after year. It ranked No. 207 in 2015, 41 places higher than in 2014, and it was included in the list for three years in a row. 

Thanks to its constantly-expanding size, exceptional performance and upgraded international competitiveness, BAIC group kicked off the strategic transition from a traditional manufacturer to a manufacturer & service provider with great innovations at the end of the 12th Five-year Plan period. In 2015, BAIC vehicles sales reached 2.489 million units with operating revenues reaching 345.2 billion yuan, hitting a new record high. In May this year, BAIC was included in the list of Top 30 Chinese Automakers, ranking No. 4 with its 2015 operating sales of 345.2 billion yuan.  

Video Clip of BAIC Attracts Many Audiences at Xi’an Auto Show

To get the upper hand in northwest China and explore ways into the international markets, major automakers are considering Xi’an to be an important destination. With keen insight, BAIC group is working hard to exploit the Blue Sea of the local market. Chairman Xu Heyi of BAIC has reiterated a few times, “For BAIC, we should use the sound geo-political atmosphere built by the Belt & Road Initiative and policy bonuses brought by the Chinese government to implement the initiative, facilitate market expansion and speed up the international process.”

BAIC, brave to work as the pioneer in the Belt & Road Initiative, is pushing forward its comprehensive transition and upgrading, thus realizing sustainable and green development. At the China EV Rally – Qinghai Lake which concluded in June, BAIC group won the highest prize Gold Gazelle Award. After the Xi’an Auto Show, the BAIC World Tour will continue to experience the Lanzhou Fair, Xinjiang Auto Show, Lanzhou Auto Show and China-Arab States Expo. 

BAIC Booth at Xi’an Auto Show

For many years, BAIC group has been active in attending various auto shows in northwest China. In the positive background of the Belt & Road Initiative, BAIC will use the Xi’an Auto Show as a platform to build its group brand image. Stimulated by marketing, it will continue to explore the markets in northwest China.

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