Cross-country Family BJ 40 Won Championship in Taklimakan Rally Manufacturers Team


In the vast deserts that are tranquil and splendid, the intoxicating hot air, together with the limitless sands, brought the most severe test against the fleets. The purgatory-like competition was made even more difficult. In this process, barriers are never terminal points of brave people. And the intention of conquer is the starting point of heroes.

On May 29, Taklimakan Rally 2016, known as the Paris Dakar Rally in Asia, came to an end. In the 14-day fierce competition, BAIC rally fleet competed in the fiercest T1.

BJ40 112 car driven by Shen Hejian and He Yongsheng, and BJ40 111 car driven by Lu Xuebin and Liu Hongwu, after experiencing the hell-like tortures brought by high temperature, shortage of water, sand storms and swamps, completed their journey in the competition ranking No. 6 and No. 28 in total scores, getting the 1st position in manufacturers team.

BAIC deserves the title of Cross-country Family because it made such exceptional result in its first-time competition in Taklimakan Rally.

Persistent in developing cross-country performance

BJ40 crossing driving in hell-like environment in Taklimakan Rally

Taklimakan Rally is known as the hell-grade event only after the Paris Dakar Rally. As the top Chinese brand of cross-country vehicles, BAIC’s presence in the event attracted great attention.

Reviewing the 10-section competition, it was like a movie with stories of “despair and rebirth”, “faith and glory”, which unfold themselves in front of us. In the SS2 section, the vast Taklimakan suddenly had the grade-7 strong wind. Sands were striking on vehicles like knives. In the afternoon, an unexpected heavy rain turned the deserts into swamps.

The two brave drivers drove BJ40 to march robustly in the muddy deserts and heavy rain, presenting a cross-country drama featured by boldness and catching up.

The SS2 section had the most dangerous desert race. And SS7 Yingwu-sitang section was nothing but the deadly sea. The maze-like course composed by populus euphratica, red willows and reeds, as well as the winding pits, might end the travel of racing cars at any time.

Lu Xuebin and Shen Weijian chose the tactics of stability. In the sea of sands, they drove as if dancing the elegant Waltz. The dance step helped their total scores rising to No. 3 and No. 10 respectively.

Looking at the Taklimakan desert in the air, the grooves made by vehicles were just like the spider net woven by ghosts. They are not as flat as they look like at the first glance. And this is the SS10 section, the most important section in the Rally.

From the soft river bed sandy roads to the mountain area with great drop height, though the two drivers of BJ40 were influenced by the sideways and turns, they relied on their rich experience and gained the 3rd place and 17th place in the section.

Three Aces in the Hole

Cross-country Family Won Exceptional Results in the Taklimakan Rally

In the last part of Taklimakan Rally, BAIC Group Chairman Xu Heyi went to the site and witnessed the glorious moment when Cross-country Family won the first place in Manufacturers Team in its debut in the Rally.

In Cross-country Family camp in Aksu of Xinjiang, Chairman Xu Heyi explained the strategy and vision for development of BAIC Cross-country Family.
By competing in Taklimakan Rally, BAIC has its strategic consideration for development of its cross-country models. Cross-country Family will become the leader of cross-country sport.

When asked why attending the Taklimakan Rally, Chairman Xu Heyi told the journalist that BAIC has the following three strategic considerations for the developing of BAIC cross-country models.

01 First, this step is inevitable for BAIC to realize its marketing strategy by attending events. In 2015, BAIC announced the 5 mainstream models would attend the 6 racing events, thus kicking off the event marketing strategy of “persistence in performance”. It shows BAIC has taken the path of brand and products going up together. By attending Taklimakan Rally, BAIC Cross-country Family starts to implement the event marketing strategy and makes a large step towards the more international, leading and authoritarian event.

02 Second, cross-country brands need to concentrate on improving their products. As the leading player of Chinese cross-country community, Cross-country Family has the inherent aspiration to challenge itself and exceed itself. At the same time, event is the touchstone of product quality. By competing in the course, it will help identify problems and improve quality, so that BJ brand cross-country vehicles have the capacity to become the first Chinese brand of tough cross-country vehicles so that more cross-country fans will realize their dreams thanks to the quality of BJ models.

03, last but not least, this is the way that has to be taken by cross-country brands to realize their dreams. A more powerful brand needs a large stage. The extreme dream of Cross-country Family is to compete in the world top event. Taklimakan Rally 2016 is the largest one of its kind in China and Asia, which will lead BAIC towards the world-top professional events while helping it win more honors.

Inherit the National Gene of Cross-country Vehicles

Vision, Speed and Concentration

According to Chairman Xu Heyi, Peking Opera is the essence of Chinese art. Hongqi is the essence of Chinese cars. And BJ is the essence of cross-country vehicles. As the Cross-country Family, BJ cross-country vehicles have the greatest responsibility. To better inherit the Chinese gene of cross-country vehicles, BAIC has to have vision, speed and concentration.

First, vision. It is imperative to correctly judge and comprehend the trend of development in auto industry. BJ212 and BJ Jeep are heart-warming memory of middle-aged cross-country fans. Since 2009, BAIC has accelerated its efforts in developing, producing and selling cross-country vehicles, thus taking the leading position in the sector.

Second, speed. BAIC is the first to finalize its product layout in the market of cross-country vehicles. Till today, BJ brand has launched BJ40 and BJ80 series of cross-country vehicles. This year, it will launch BJ20 cross-country model to meet diverse needs of consumers for cross-country vehicles while covering the entire market in terms of performance, function, price and positioning.

Last but not least, it is imperative to concentrate. With the craftsmanship spirit featured by persistence, perseverance, concentration and extremity, BAIC is working hard to develop the Chinese brand of cross-country vehicles. Chairman Xu Heyi spearheaded R&D of cross-country vehicles. The Group has invested billions of Yuan in R&D, production and manufacturing, building the sole professional cross-country vehicle factory in China, showing the ambition and dedication of Cross-country Family.

Concentration & Extremity Are Greatest Advantages of BAIC to Develop Cross-country Vehicles

When asked about the greatest advantage of BAIC to develop cross-country vehicles, Chairman Xu believes BAIC Group has positioned its cross-country models as the Ace in the Hole of the Chinese brand. Concentration and extremity are greatest advantages and foundation of BAIC to develop cross-country vehicles.

Concentration - BAIC, in the past 50+ years, is concentrated on R&D, production and sales of cross-country vehicles. Till today, it has a 1,200-people R&D team focusing on cross-country vehicles, and a manufacturing factory of cross-country vehicles with total investment of billions of Yuan.
BAIC Cross-country Family has integrated its layout in cross-country vehicle R&D, production and marketing, thus establishing a pure cross-country fleet. Professionals are dedicated to the professional market.

Extremity - From BJ212 to BJ080, from military battle vehicles to racing car traveling across Taklimakan Rally, over the past 50+ years, BAIC Cross-country Family has always been the deepest memory of cross-country fans.

Almost all middle-aged cross-country fans in China have the experience of driving BJ212, BJ2020 or BJ Cherokee to drive across desert, prairie or shoals. By making extreme performance in cross-country vehicles, BAIC has kicked off the new era of “civil vehicles with quality of military products”.

Military vehicles need to be made with best materials and strictest standards. For civil cross-country vehicles, BAIC models have inherited the quality of military products in their materials and quality. At the same time, it follows the principle of cost-effectiveness, an important factor in competition, while rationally controlling cost so that consumers can afford the products and never regret buying them because they possess quality and dream.

“Warrior will wear gold armor after experiencing 100 battles and will never go home till winning the war”. BAIC Cross-country Family member showed greatest bravery to get outstanding result in Taklimakan Rally, deserving the title of Best BAIC Model.

Though Taklimakan Rally 2016 has been concluded, BAIC has just started its race for Cross-country Family. As BJ40L and BJ80 are launched into the market, the by-product authorization model starts to present result. BAIC will have the cross-country dream blossoming in the hearts of more people. It deserves the title!

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