BAIC’s crossover concept Senova Offspace will be revealed at Auto China


BAIC Motor presents the Senova OffSpace, a striking concept study for a new premium type of crossover that combines the toughness and versatility of an off road car with the inside space of an MPV. The long wheelbase and forward position of the windshield give the car a spacious cabin, while the big ground clearance and raised belt line offer great off road capabilities and a solid sense of protection.

On the exterior, the bold and off-road-like shape of the lower area of the car is combined with the elegant and transparent design of the upper part. The surfaces of the OffSpace are full, powerful, combined with ‘diamond cut’lines and extensive chrome detailing. Together they create a very modern car that communicates a new kind of solid and dynamic elegance.

On the inside, the Senova OffSpace offers premium on-board experience with a big panoramic screen and a high floating tunnel with an integrated track pad. Also here we see a combination of elements typical for SUV, like handles and robust metal details, with an overall sense of elegance and simplicity.

A lot of attention has been given to the convenience of use: physical commands are where the hand can feel and touch them best, and the high position of the screen offers the best view with comfort and driving safety. The software allows using‘personal apps’ like WeChat seamlessly together with the ‘in-car apps’. Built-in sensors allow checking your well-being while driving the car.

All this well anticipates the trend of interiors which is more and more adapted to automated driving, dedicating more time in the car to connecting with the world and your loved ones or simply enjoying a good movie or music, protected from the increasingly frantic traffic.

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