BAIC Group Wins “China Excellent Enterprise for Social Responsibility Award 2015”


On December 22nd, 2015, the China Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Summit 2015 was solemnly held at Diaoyutai, Beijing. Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (henceforth referred to as BAIC Group) won the “China Excellent Enterprise for Social Responsibility Award 2015”.

Over the years, BAIC Group has considered corporate social responsibility to be one of its core tasks – the life of the enterprise. Party Secretary and Chairman of BAIC Group Xu Heyi said, under the new normal, positively playing the role of BAIC Group as a leading enterprise, promoting the rapid and healthy economic development of Beijing, and encouraging the transformation of Chinese automobile industry embody the social responsibility and the value of BAIC Group as a state-owned enterprise. Today, this dream and responsibility is now being enacted.

Enterprise Contributions: The Fastest Rising Chinese Automobile Enterprise

In 2013, BAIC Group proposed the development strategy of “transforming from a traditional manufacturer into a service-oriented and innovative manufacturer”. It began to incorporate the “transformation” gene into the Group development on several aspects, including research and manufacture, business model, management concept, to realize the comprehensive, deep-level reforms, and remarkable achievements have been made.

BAIC Group has already developed into a large state-owned automobile group enterprise that covers vehicle research & development and manufacture, new energy cars, general aviation industry, car components manufacturing, car service trade, investment and financing and other services. Its self-owned brands are being built rapidly and are surging forward, especially with the establishment of BAIC Motor and Changhe Automobile “dual-brand” strategy, many new products that satisfy the demands of different segments have been released; BJEV, as an important part of BAIC Group’s transformation and upgrade, is currently the new energy car enterprise that has the largest share, largest scale and most complete industrial chain in the pure electric car market in China; Beiqi Foton, with positive growth in sales performance, is steadily occupying the number one position in China for self-owned brand commercial vehicle sales. At the same time, BAIC Group’s joint venture and cooperation are continuing on with a new chapter. Beijing Benz Automotive has achieved the comprehensive breakthroughs in the import of new products, the completion of its platform and the raising of its production ability, with the sales volume sustaining a state of rapid growth. Beijing Hyundai, as another large part of BAIC Group’s joint-venture and cooperation businesses, through rapid adjustment of product planning and operation strategy, has already been tested by the market, with the performance steadily rising.

In July 2015, Fortune Magazine published a list of the “Fortune Global 500 for 2015”. BAIC Group came in 207th place with an operating revenue in 2014 of $50.566 billion, moving up 41 places from the previous year and becoming the fastest rising Chinese automobile enterprise.

Employee Care: Top Four Among China Best Employers in 2015

In terms of employee care, BAIC Group adheres to the concept of people first and advocates a relationship where the enterprise and the employees work together as partners, so as to build a new enterprise culture that is like home and that is full of responsibility and emotion. It is because of this that talents from everywhere have been introduced through the group multi-channel model; “training platforms” have been built that target new employees, normal employees, mid-level managers, and high-level managers respectively; there is collaboration with GE of the US, Daimler of Germany and Inalfa of The Netherlands and other world-class famous enterprises to train up international talents; measures such as deep integration of the “Use the capable ones, replace the average ones, dismiss the incapable ones” talent selection incentive mechanism and performance assessment have been promoted; BAIC Group creates a harmonious development work atmosphere, shares Group’s development results with employees, and raises the satisfaction and happiness levels of employees.

BAIC Group’s scale of employees has risen from 58,000 at the end of the 11th Five Year Plan to 123,000 people at present (the end of the 12th Five Year Plan). During this period, 110 high-level enterprise operation management talents, 1,258 excellent innovation talents and 11,787 high-technology talents were directionally trained up. BAIC Group won “China Best Employer” for five years in a row, coming forth in the rankings and first in the automobile industry.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection: Number one domestic new energy automobile brand, reducing carbon emissions by almost 200,000 tons

Recently, BAIC BJEV, as an important strategic part of BAIC Group, has already developed to become the number one brand in the domestic new energy car market. BAIC Group’s objective of making new energy cars is not only for the development of the enterprisetransformation, but also for the promotion of the green travel with “creating environmentally friendly travel service value, broadcasting low-carbon life values” as its mission.

In order to hasten the development speed of the new energy car industry, BAIC BJEV is promoting the “Blue-Guard Share A+ Plan”, and pushing forward the growth of the information sharing platform with the use of the “ecosystem” mode. In the future, BAIC BJEV will also create a “green smart travel ecosystem”, lead the industry innovation & upgrade and form a cooperation win-win ecosystem through innovative business methods and multi-field cooperation.

According to the latest data, BAIC BJEV sold 16,843 pure electric cars from January to November this year, where according to emission conversion, this would have directly reduced emissions by close to 200,000 tons, making a positive contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction for Beijing and even the whole country.

Giving back to society: Sponsoring BAIC volleyball for five consecutive years, revitalizing the volleyball undertaking

The volleyball spirit of always seeking to improve oneself, the spirit of sport and the values of BAIC Group “responsibility, wisdom, and passion” are compatible with one another. From 2010 to 2014, BAIC Group and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports began a strategic collaboration, together reinvigorating Beijing’s volleyball undertaking. In those four years, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports and BAIC Group, through their own advantageous resources and the mutual complementation of foreign players and local players, set up a volleyball club, achieving the double rise of achievements in BAIC Motor men’s volleyball and women’s volleyball, heading out on a new road towards professional volleyball and thus opening up a new “BAIC model” of unique characteristics.

In January this year, BAIC Group and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, based on the first phase of four-year cooperation, were engaged in a new collaboration for the second phase. In the new collaboration phase, BAIC Group and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports will better promote the development of Beijing’s volleyball events on aspects including competition, group, youth, sporting event systems, industrialization development and so on, giving back to all walks of life and the general public for their great love for volleyball.

From enterprise contributions and employee care to energy conservation and environmental protection and giving back to society, these all reflect BAIC Group’s brand concept of “Your Wish, Our Ways”. “Way” is the value of people working at BAIC Group. As for conduct, one must be honest and trustworthy and pursue kindness; as for success, one must act according to the rules, and respect business ethics and morals; as for production, one must seek perfection, and pursue high quality. Once one possesses this “Way”, one can then achieve the harmonious development between people, vehicles and nature, and only then can one achieve the highest dream of BAIC Group “Your Wish”- “Happy travel of people, Win-win growth of partners, self-fulfilment of employees and progress of social civilization”.

The ancients said, “The way that can be expressed is not the everlasting way”, which means one must follow the rules, but still make constant change and development. In the development process of the “new normal”, the development of the automobile industry has had big changes in a relatively untraditional way, which accords perfectly with the meaning of our “Way”. While this ancient piece of Eastern wisdom guides BAIC Group’s transformation and upgrading, we move down a sustainable road of development.

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