BAIC Group Retains “China’s Best Employer Award for 2015”


Recently, BAIC Group came to the fore as it was selected from over 5,400 qualifying enterprises that took part in the “Best Employer” awards selection, known as the “Oscars” of the human resources community in China, to gain a “China’s Best Employer Award” for 2015 for the fifth consecutive time, coming in the fourth place among all competitors and first place among automobile manufacturers, setting a new best record for the automobile industry.

This achievement is an affirmation of the implementation of BAIC Group’s “12th Five Year Talent Development Strategic Plan” and its active building of a human resources management system. This also has provided a strong footnote for the important role that talents play in pushing forward BAIC Group’s transformation from a traditional manufacturer into a service-oriented and innovative manufacturer, and a comprehensive promotion of BAIC Group' “Second Entrepreneurship”.

China’s Annual Top 10 List of Employers

“Since enacting conglomeration in 2007, BAIC Group has come to a deep realization that the root of enterprise competition is in talent competition. Talent is the first resource of enterprises. Paying attention to talent development work of the ‘12th Five Year Plan’ is an important job for BAIC Group.” said Chairman of BAIC Group Xu Heyi, “For our strategic orientation for talent, BAIC Group has seized talent development opportunities, by making early moves, making strategies ahead of others, bringing ways of thinking together, and innovating mechanisms.  New prospects have been opened up in talent development work. "

BAIC Group Comes Fourth in the list of 2015 China Annual Best Employers issued at Times Square in New York, USA

During the whole of the implementation process of the “12th Five Year” talent plan, BAIC Group has taken measures based around streamlining talent teams, innovating talent mechanisms, building talent guarantee systems and so on. It trained and cultivated about 100 strategic entrepreneurs, 1,000 outstanding innovative talents and 10,000 highly-skilled talents, which has provided intelligent support and talent guarantees for BAIC Group’s “12th Five Year” innovative development plan. It has trained a large group of high-end talents that push forward the development of the automobile industry.

According to the latest statistics and data, the scale of BAIC Group’s workers has increased from 58,000 at the end of the 11th Five Year Plan, up to today’s (the end of the 12th Five Year Plan) 123,000 people, and this has completed every target of the “12th Five Year” talent development plan ahead of schedule. Among this, the construction effects of four of these talent groups have been clear. They are operation management talents, technician talents, skilled operations talents and Party talents, which together have already reached 104% of the “12th Five Year Plan” target. At the same time, 110 strategic entrepreneurs, 1,258 excellent innovative talents, and 11,787 highly-skilled talents, have all completed the “100, 1,000, and 10,000” targets of the 12th Five Year Plan respectively (this is based around training and creating 100 strategic entrepreneurs, 1,000 excellent innovative talents, and 10,000 highly-skilled workers), each breaking the target by 110%, 125.8% and 117.9% respectively.

Under the guidance of Chairman Xu Heyi, BAIC Group has now already built up a complete standard human resources management and control system, as well as a scientific and effective talent introduction, training, use and innovation talent encouragement mechanism. It has attracted talents from everywhere through grouping of “campus recruitment, overseas recruitment, special event recruitment and headhunting” and many other channels; it created a four-tiered training platform aimed at new employees, standard employees, mid-level managers and high-level managers; it works together with world-class famous enterprises including GE from the US, Germany’s Daimler, and Inalfa from The Netherlands, strengthening the training of internationalized talents among other things. In terms of talent recognition, BAIC has completed the change from cost factors to value creation factors as well as turning human resources into intelligent resources. It trained and cultivated an adequate number of high quality employees and this has confirmed BAIC Group’s competitive advantage, allowing it to gain a core driving force to achieve enterprise transformation, become one of the leading automobile players in China, step out into the international market, and enter the Global Fortune 500.

As the 12th Five Year Plan comes to an end, we are at the beginning of the 13th Five Year Plan, facing “the new normal” of an ever more complex situation for the global economy, with the growth of the Chinese economy having slowed and the growth of the car industry moving back to a steady rate, and competition getting fiercer and fiercer, as well as the coming of the Industry 4.0 era, and the rise of automation. BAIC Group has soberly recognized that with regard to 13th Five Year Plan development, there is a need to store talents ahead of time and accelerate the adjustment of the talent structure. This is especially so in the key time for BAIC Group in its strategic transformation towards a service-oriented and innovative manufacturer. In this Internet era of innovation driving production and knowledge leading technology innovation, the ability of training, possession and use of talents is becoming more and more important. The importance of study has also become even more prominent. BAIC Group needs a large group of key talents with robust theories, an international outlook, firm style and a generally strong character.

On this basis, Xu Heyi said that BAIC Group has taken its first step in determining the talent development plan for the 13th Five Year Plan period. The group needs to take the development of all of its business undertakings as the root starting point for talent development work and footing to further clarify the strategic layout of giving priority to talent development in the advance of the group’s strategy, ensuring that talent efficiency clearly rises and that talent intelligent resources are effectively used. Also, while strengthening the Party’s organization leadership for talent development work, and striving to create a talent formation that can support the development of BAIC Group, BAIC Group will make even greater effort in its strategic transformation and innovation development and comprehensively promote the scientific development of Beijing.

According to reports, the “China’s Best Employer Award for 2015” was mainly decided through comprehensive external social public surveys, surveys of employees working in the companies, interviews and surveys of human resources management in the enterprises, comments of expert appraisal groups and so on. Employer brand strategy, employer image, organization management, salary and benefits, training development, and working environment were six of the employer brand indexes that were used and the other 18 minor indexes were used in a comprehensive evaluation system. Eventually the top 30 list for “China’s Best Employer of the Year” was produced. The above indexes of top 30 and top 10 enterprises excelled that of all other candidates. As well as being a summary of each enterprise's employer brand construction for this year, the list for Best Employer of every year also became a “weather vane” for white collar workers and students looking for employment in the next year.

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