BAIC Group to Exhibit 27 Car Models at Auto Guangzhou 2015


From November 20th to 29th, BAIC Group, one of China’s five major vehicle groups and a Global Fortune 500 enterprise, together with its subordinate companies BAIC Motor, Changhe Automobile, BAIC BJEV, Beijing Benz Automotive, Beijing Hyundai, BAIC Yinxiang, and the Off-road Vehicle Technology Center will make a showing at Pavilion 1.2 of the 2015 (13th) China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition. At an almost 2,030 square meter booth, BAIC Group’s 27 star products will make a strong lineup, displaying to a wide audience the forward-looking concepts of BAIC Group, its cutting-edge technology and its abundant strength. It will pass on the brand spirit of “Your Wish, Our Ways” as well as the beautiful vision of the harmonious development between people, vehicle and nature.

BAIC’s Own Brands: High-end Roads Breaking New Heights

As the highlight of BAIC Group’s exhibition this time, BAIC’s own brand BAIC Motor will have 10 “Hit Products” of eight different models making a strong appearance. Among them, the sale price for the Senova X25 will be officially announced and presales for the Senova X55 will be launched. This will be one of the biggest highlights.

As the first A0 segment SUV under the BAIC Senova brand, the exterior of the Senova X25 is fashionable and cutting-edge. It also draws on Saab’s sports inheritance, using a professionally tuned sports chassis. It will give consumers a relaxed look, a relaxed drive and a relaxed way to have fun during their driving experience. The Senova X55 was made over the course of four years from globally top resources by BAIC Group. This model has a lean design, drives comfortably, is safe all-round, and has excellent features, smart technology and other advantages. It represents the highest level of car manufacturing that BAIC Motor has to offer. Meanwhile, the Senova D50, Senova CC, Senova X65, Senova D20, Beijing BJ40 and others will make brilliant appearances. This shows the product strength of BAIC’s own brands in terms of saloons, SUVs, and high-performance sports cars, clearly passing on the development thinking when it comes to international high-end self-owned brands, as well as the strength and ambition for winning the self-owned brand market.

Also making people marvel was Changhe Automobile. Changhe Automobile brought the Beidouxing X5 (2016 version of the Beidouxing), Liana A6, Freda M50S and the Q25, covering saloons, SUVs, commercial vehicles and many other areas. Among these, the Changhe Q25 closely followed the hot trend of SUVs being released in China and is worth anticipating.

Changhe’s Q25 uses a mature SUV design concept in its front side design. The lines are flowing and are very vivid. This model comes with a 1.3L or 1.5L engine to choose from and has a maximum power output of 75kW (98Ps) and 85kW (112Ps). The drive system has a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic gearbox, offering a rich car purchasing choice for consumers. It can be foreseen that the arrival of the Changhe Q25 will assist Changhe Automobile’s first breakthrough in the SUV market, marking the entrance of Changhe Automobile into a new development phase.

BAIC BJEV: Frontrunner in the Pure Electric Car Field

The first pure electric car model at Guangzhou Auto Exhibition originating from the basis of the Senova D50, the EU260, made its first appearance. This model confirms BAIC Group’s achievements and breakthroughs over the past six years in the new energy car field, breaking many records in the domestic new energy car sector.

The total distance that this car can reach is between 260 and 340 kilometers on one charge, which means that starting at Guangzhou, one can reach Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Shenzhen, Shunde and other places. The new car has inherited the classic body and manufacturing standards of Saab, especially in terms of handling. Through meticuloustuning, flying on the roads can be achieved, a world where cars and people become one. In terms of charging, the EU260 supports the fast charging model of an 80% charge in 40 minutes, and the slow charging mode of a five-hour full charge, as well as household charging and other normal electric charging modes, and in addition will bring out the fast battery change model for the first time. The time for changing a battery is only two minutes and 45 seconds, which makes it suitable for home use, and also satisfies the taxi market. It is undoubtedly a new benchmark in the A-segment pure electric vehicle market.

The EU260, along with the EV260 and ES210, will offer a completely new green driving method for normal household users, medium income consumers and business users. The richness of this product line shows that BAIC BJEV will continue to rise up with product strength and lead the domestic new car market.

Beiqi’s Joint Venture Brands: Beijing Benz Automotive and Beijing Hyundai Both Perform Brilliantly

Beijing Benz Automotive upholds the Mercedez Benz concept of “Same Brand, Same Quality”. The product is made strictly in line with global unified manufacturing standards and skills. This year, the all-new GLA 260 and C300L models will show the all new development structure of Beijing Benz Automotive together with the GLC, which formally made its way on to the market at Auto Guangzhou with an outstanding showing.

Beijing Hyundai brought a product line up that included the all new Tucson and ninth generation Sonata, highlighting the rise of Beijing Hyundai’s “D+S” (middle and high level SUVs) lineup in terms of technology and product function, making breakthroughs for the Beijing Hyundai brand, providing new energy.

It is precisely from BAIC Group having high-end product strength as a strong foundation that from January to October this year, BAIC Group’s overall sales speed growth was second among the five biggest car groups. A good piece of news is that Beijing Benz Automotive achieved a sales volume of 196,000, up 69.5% year on year, a speed that far exceeds Audi and BMW. A total of 490,000 own-brand passenger vehicles were sold, up 24% year on year. Among these, Beiqi Yinxiang achieved a sales volume of 201,000 units, an increase of 55.7% year on year. Worth mentioning is that BAIC BJEV accumulated 14,000 units in sales, becoming the top-selling pure electronic car brand in the country.

Transformation Strategy, Fully Supporting BAIC Group’s Steady Steps Forward

At the beginning of this year, BAIC Group’s chairman Xu Heyi mentioned that BAIC will fully adopt a strategic transformation with research of the system reform as a breakthrough, achieving a transformation from a traditional car enterprise that is driven by normal key elements to an innovative enterprise that is driven by smart resources so as to break through the profit ceiling of manufacturing with a raise in service profits, for which a new road of spanning development must be walked with innovation in business model and management model.

The strength with which BAIC Group is implementing the “strategic transition from traditional manufacturing enterprise to manufacturing service and innovative enterprise” is easy to see from each action taken this year. This is especially the case for achievements in aspects such as technology innovation systems construction, new energy vehicle ecosystem construction, and Internet + vehicle innovation development. It can be said that its outstanding performance at Guangzhou Auto Exhibition this year is a crystallization of the effort BAIC Group has put into its transformation.

BAIC Group has already formed a BAIC self-owned research system made up of a research base, five large research platforms, seven design centers and enterprise research centers for enterprises of all levels. It has mastered assembly development integrated technology, turbo boost technology, GDI technology, manual and automatic gearbox technology of mid-high standard saloons as well as pure electric drive technology, smart technology, and internet of vehicles technology, comprehensively raising the core competitiveness of the products and also walking at the forefront of technology development in the pure electric vehicle field.

In the aspect of services, BAIC Motor’s E series is the first in China to enact the “Three Guarantees” policy, becoming the first “Three Guarantees Car Model” in the country. Also, for every model of car that comes out after this, a “Three Guarantees” promise will be made for each, making good on the “Three Guarantees” promise that is true to the facts and establishing BAIC’s service reputation. Surveys of user satisfaction are pleasing. On October 30th, J. D. Power released the 2015 China Initial Quality Survey (IQS), and BAIC Group was the group producer with the most first places. Many models of many subordinate brands have gained the trust of consumers. BAIC Motor’s Senova D50 won the crown for quality for mid-sized foundation saloons. Beijing Hyundai Verna, Beijing Hyundai Elantra, Beijing Hyundai Mingtu, Beijing Hyundai IX25 and the Beijing Benz Automotive’s E segment saloon all won first place in the finely segmented market. The many first places indicate that BAIC Group is always striving to offer clients high quality car services with an attitude of responsibility for consumers.

Looking back at 2015, which is soon to pass, China’s macro economy and vehicle market development is entering a “New Normal State”. Currently, the Internet + and Industry 4.0 era have welcomed new opportunities. This year, BAIC Group has continuously deepened the transformation strategy, mastered the development opportunities, raised the core competitiveness of products and achieved stable development. Using this year’s Auto Guangzhou as an opportunity, BAIC Group will welcome the perfect finishing up of the 12th Five Year Plan and comprehensively open up BAIC’s new development structure in the 13th Five Year Plan with the BAIC spirit of exerting itself to the fullest, working together, pressing ahead in the face of difficulties, and having a determination to win.

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