Responsibility is the Motivation for Innovation - BAIC Group Creates New Energy Vehicles Ecosystem


On October 21, 2015, (the third) China International Exhibition on Green and Energy-efficient Vehicles & Energy-saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan Achievement Exhibition opened in Beijing’s National Convention Center. BAIC Group’s three main brands of BAIC BJEV, Beiqi FOTON and Beijing Benz Automotive, five of its core products and its charging posts formed an ecosystem of new-energy vehicles, comprehensively showing the latest development achievements of Internet + and new energy vehicle development.

Responsibility is the Motivation for Innovation

BAIC Group’s Strategy is to Lead the Market

Currently, the development of new energy vehicles has risen to a national strategy, and is also one of the important sectors of BAIC’s transformation strategy. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “Developing new-energy vehicles is the only way for China’s transition from a major vehicle producer to a strong vehicle producer.” The vehicle industry is now at a critical node of transitioning from quantity-based to quality-based, and from gradual changing to sudden changing, with the competition situation about to see massive changes. Summarizing the actual development of BAIC Group, Chairman Xu Heyi said that following the proposal of the “transformation” strategy, BAIC Group has already established a development path of “overtaking by switching the lane”, striving for surpassing in one move and winning at the transition point. Developing new energy vehicles is the country’s newly emerging strategic industry and is also a historical responsibility of BAIC Group. With the leadership and support of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Government, we will convert this responsibility into a driving force for innovation.

In the first nine months of this year, BAIC Group’s BAIC BJEV accumulated sales of 11,274 units, occupying the first position in domestic pure electric vehicle production and sales for two years in a row and entering the top four globally for sales in pure electric vehicles; it has also won first prize in the China Automotive Industry Awards for Science and Technology, and is known as a national benchmarking enterprise in quality integrity, becoming a pioneer and model for BAIC Group’s implementation of its transformation strategy. Beiqi FOTON already has more than 15,000 new energy vehicles running, making it the brand with the most new energy passenger cars running in the country. As a typical representive of energy saving vehicles, Beijing Benz Automotive is the only luxury car brand to enter the new energy vehicle promotion catalogue, and the only luxury brand saloon car that can enjoy favorable tax policies for vehicle purchasing from the government. BAIC BJEV, Beiqi FOTON and Beijing Benz Automotive are now putting their efforts together to build a brand new structure of energy saving and new energy development for BAIC Group, to lead the industry development.

Creating a Green Travel Ecosystem

BAIC Group Promotes “Blue-Guard” Action

Ecosystem is a key word for Internet thinking. Whether it is Apple, Google, Tencent, or Alibaba, their competitiveness is not only dependent on first-rate products, it is more dependent on an ecosystem they created. As the science and technology revolution, represented by information technology, new energy and new material technology, rolls on with great force, BAIC Group has welcomed “the Internet revolution” by developing new energy vehicles.

After following the “One Yuan Experience for Thousand Vehicles in Ten Cities” Blue-Guard journey and Blue-Guard pioneer action, from this year on, BAIC Group will create the new energy vehicle industry ecosystem’s “Blue-Guard Share A+ Plan”. It has already joined up with more than 30 enterprises to set up a timeshare rentals alliance, electronic logistics alliance and charging field & post alliance, allowing new energy vehicle enterprises to step into the B+2C industry chain ecosystem from the single B2C model. As of the end of June 2015, BAIC BJEV had already built more than 6,500 charging posts, among which, about 80 public charging posts were built by itself. In the future, BAIC Group will rely on the effect of the “shaped ring” of the charging field & post alliance to create a smart, distributive charging system for vehicles, fields and posts, through the “You offer the field, I build the post” benefit sharing model, satisfying the charging demands of new energy vehicle users to a great extent.

BAIC Group’s BAIC BJEV has also brought out the online app platform “Charging Bar”, which has recorded information for more than 360 public charging stations, and about 3,500 charging posts. It is now a public charging station online inquiry platform with the maximum quantity, the most complete data and the strongest functions in China. Users can easily inquire nearby charging posts/stations on their phones, alleviating the worries of new energy vehicle users and releasing the consumption potential of pure electric vehicles 

Do What Your Strength Allows

BAIC Group Achieves ”Made in China” with Global Elites

For BAIC Group, the “BAIC Technicalization” development path was already defined at the beginning of the establishment of BAIC BJEV. To this end, BAIC Group is still continuously strengthening its own R & D abilities based on the three key core technologies of control system development, electric drive system integration and development, and new energy vehicle integrated development. 

This year on September 18th, Aachen R & D Center was set up by BAIC BJEV together with Meta. As BAIC BJEV’s second overseas R & D center (after Silicon Valley R & D center), it mainly takes on EREV power systems research and development, focusing on increasing the distance per charge.

Through Silicon Valley R & D Center in the US, Aachen R & D Center in Germany and Beijing R & D Center in China, BAIC Group will integrate international technology resources and talent advantages to develop new energy vehicles, achieving innovation in technologies, services and business operation models. Eventually, a trilaterally linked “three in one” platform with resource sharing will be set up, achieving “globalization of research and development bases”. This will lay a solid foundation for BAIC Group to become a leading brand in global pure electric vehicle sales before 2020.

With the implementation of the national energy saving and emission reduction policy, the improvement of strategic layout of every large enterprise and the raising in environmental protection awareness of consumers, the new energy car market can hopefully welcome a spurt of growth. In the future, new energy vehicles in the Chinese vehicle market will be appearing one after another, while the transformation and upgrade of Chinese vehicle industry from big to strong is soon to arrive. The grand blueprints of the new energy business from BAIC Group to the whole vehicle industry are gradually taking shape.

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