Responsible for the Country, Benefit to Society, Green for the Ecology ——Talking about Something about BAIC Group on the “9.3 V-Day Military Parade”


70-gun salute marked the beginning of the 9.3 V-Day Military Parade in Beijing with parade cars passing through Tiananmen Gate Tower and flypast making colored printing in blue sky. On September 3, 2015, Beijing held the remarkable military parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War and the world antifascist war victory, which attracted worldwide attention. BJ40 SUV of BAIC Group, as the unique military designated car of the parade salute motor tractor to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War, undertook the mission of escorting “the Sharp Weapon of the Country- Gun Salute.”
Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group, once said: “BAIC Group can take on heavy responsibilities at significant moment in history. This is an approval of BAIC Group’s strength and capacity which leaves heavy responsibility on us. So BAIC Group must play a greater role in manufacturing industry and make more contribution to society.”
BAIC Group’s vehicles: Experiencing important moment with our country together

【BJ40 SUV undertaking the mission of escorting “the Sharp Weapon of the Country- Gun Salute”】

Firing gun salute is an important part of military parade. In the early summer this year, BAIC ORU delivered 58 BJ40 cars to our troops. BJ40 inherits more than 50 years of precious manufacturing experience and production technology from BAIC Group, which is a great work to pay tribute to BJ212 cars. On the scene of “9.3 V-Day Military Parade”, when BJ40 drew 15-type gun salute weighing up to hundreds of kilograms, its low-speed high-torque engine generating 90% power of peak torque with a rotating speed of 1800rpm in order to ensure that the gun salute motor tractor phalanx smoothly and successfully moved into the assigned position. This act once again shined the gilded signboard of BAIC Group “Well known family of SUV with military quality”.  

【Chairman Mao standing in BJ212 car to inspect troops】

As early as in 1966, Chairman Mao stood in a BJ212 car waving his hand and shouting aloud “Hello Comrades", “Comrades, you have worked hard”! Since then, BAIC Group have experienced a lot of significant moment with our country. In 1984, BJ212 appeared in the 35th National Day Parade; at the 50th anniversary of National Day Parade, BJ2020 made a new stage pose by passing the Tiananmen Square; at the 60th anniversary of National Day Parade, “BAIC Warrior” makes its glory appearance. By providing the best products of its brand, BAIC Group has always being involved in the important historical events of new China.

【An Auman GTL Super-power Truck carrying equipment for the parade ceremony is passing through the Tiananmen Gate Tower】

With troops in the parade marching before us, Foton undertook the mission of carrying work. In order to guarantee success of “9.3 V-Day Military Parade”, Auman Truck of Foton brand and Foton Toano vehicle models provided the most reliable and safest logistical support. Foton and its team worked closely in start-stop, loading and transporting, exhibiting the strength of China’s commercial vehicle leading brand.

People of BAIC Group: setting strict demands on ourselves with soldier standard

On the day of “9.3 V-Day Military Parade”, BAIC Group also took on the task of traffic guidance of the Tiananmen Square periphery. In order to finish the task successfully, Xu Heyi, secretary of the party committee and chairman of BAIC Group, served as leader of “9.3 V-Day Military Parade voluntary service leading team”. With harsh standards, he chose only 29 young volunteers from 110,000 staff to represent BAIC Group to do service work well.

BAIC Group’s young volunteers went through a series of high-intensity and high-demand devil-like training in a very short time. They first participated in general course training on service etiquette, spoken English and safety education organized by BAIC Group. Then they took part in the manoeuvre drilling before the parade. From 10 a.m. on August 15 to 3 a.m. on August 16, all staff completed training and adaptive manoeuvre for 17 hours; in the whole day on August 19, they made an on-site survey of service spot; from 10 p.m. on August 22 to 12 a.m. on August 23, they participated in all-factor rehearsal for 14 hours……BAIC Group’s young volunteers fulfilled the task of traffic guidance on "9.3 V-Day Military Parade" safely and orderly with full enthusiasm, professional quality and excellent service. Their work received highly praise from viewing masses, Beijing Youth League and parade command post.

The dream of BAIC Group: travel green, and improve international standing

If we ask the most direct relation between the "9.3 V-Day Military Parade" and people of Beijing, the answer must be “Parade Blue”. In order to continue he “Parade Blue” after the “APEC Blue” and the “Two Sessions Blue”, Beijing set odd-and-even license plate rule from August 20 to September 4 on all motor vehicles of the city while BEV mini-buses were not included in this traffic control rule.

As an important field of BAIC Group’s strategic development, BAIC BJEV now has become the first brand in BEV market. The purpose of BAIC Group to establish a new energy company is not only for enterprise transformation development and profits, but also for the beginning of improving international prestige of Chinese automobile industry. BAIC Group has foreseen that new energy vehicle is the solution for alleviating energy and environmental problems. Therefore, it makes its utmost effort to boost green travel.

【BAIC BJEV constructs the charging station】

Based on the “Enjoy Together in Blue A+” plan, BAIC BJEV joined hand with Pangda Group, CITIC Guoan Group, Beijing Parking Industry Association, Ucar Technology representatives to establish time-sharing leasing alliance, electric logistics alliance, charging field & pile alliance and build new energy industrial ecosphere. In order to solve consumers’ worries behind, BAIC BJEV has finished nearly 8000 charging piles, in which, 5227 are constructed by private customers and 3398 are located in Beijing, covering residential district, office buildings and supermarkets. At the same time, BAIC BJEV attracts more and more companies to join the “Protecting blue and cloudy sky” team. Up to August this year, BAIC BJEV had accomplished orders of 9,000 vehicles. By doing this, it makes its contribution for “Parade Blue” with practical action.

It is known that BAIC Group will reduce 170,000 tons of carbon emission if BAIC BJEV sells 10,125 BEVs (from March 2014 to March 2015) per year. This is equivalent to planting 240,000 trees and saving RMB350 million on controlling haze cost. In this way, BAIC Group will lead the development of energy conservation and emission reduction career in Beijing or even entire China.

With the principle of being “Responsible for the Country, Benefit to Society, Green for the Ecology” in mind, BAIC Group struggles for society responsibility and enterprise development simultaneously, and help to achieve BAIC Group dream and China dream as soon as possible.

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