“Made in Beijing” Is in Line with the World, and More than 50 Chinese and Foreign Journalists Visited BAIC Group


On August 31, at 1:30 p.m., Beijing municipal people's government information office and the news center for the 70th anniversary of the Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War and the world antifascist war victory jointly organized domestic and foreign journalists to visit and interview Beijing high-end manufacturing industry models (i.e., BAIC Group and Beijing Benz production base) around the theme of "With real transformation of the pattern of economic development, Beijing's traditional manufacturing industry realized innovation and development". A total of more than 50 journalists participated in the activities and released positive reports. The activity received enthusiastic response.

The interview activity with "the 70th anniversary of the Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War and the world antifascist war victory" theme consists of 6 themes: Anti-Japanese War memory, cultural creativity, the most beautiful country, “Made in Beijing”, science and technology Beijing, and Winter Olympic Games. As one of the Fortune 500 enterprises, one of China's top 8 manufacturing enterprises and the leading enterprise in Beijing, BAIC Group became the only representative for the research with the "Made in Beijing" theme.

Focusing on Beijing Benz: Traditional manufacturing is keeping up with international standards

In recent years, BAIC Group played an active promotion and demonstration role in the high-end manufacturing ascending based on its accumulated strength, which reflected the development results of “Made in Beijing”. Beijing Benz undisputedly became “Made in Beijing” "model" for two reasons:

Constructed by the world first-class enterprise standard;

As the epitome of the base construction of BAIC Group, embody the high-end trend of “Made in Beijing”.

The journalists mainly visited the Beijing Benz MRAI factory in this activity. During this time just when Beijing Benz welcomes its 10th anniversary, fruitful sense of honor and happiness can be found on everyone's face. According to production workshop director, "Beijing Benz MRAI factory is the largest monomer structure engineering across Asia in the automobile industry. Its steel amount used is equivalent to three times the Eiffel Tower, which will enhance the stability of the plant base, to ensure the precision of all processes."

During the visit, the sophisticated and intelligent assembly line was impressive. From the prototype of the mould to the offline of the complete vehicle, most of the processes have achieved a high degree of automation. For instance, the electric wrench was used for automatic tightening of bolts in accordance with the specified torque, to reduce human error. After completion of complete vehicle assembly, technicians examine every detail according to Daimler standards, and carry out a series of stringent quality control. There are body paint check, engine start-stop check, A/C pipelines check for leaks, road test and so on, to ensure that every Beijing Benz vehicle off the production line has the "Same Brand, Same Quality" with the global Mercedes - Benz.

Today, the mature experience of Beijing Benz factory, such as world-class technical expertise, quality control standards and automation control, is being referenced to the construction and improvement of BAIC Group’s major production bases, which helps continuously, strengthen “Made in Beijing” strength and bring people more high-quality products.

Cai Suping, Deputy General Manager of BAIC Group, said: "Beijing Benz establishes a luxury car manufacturing system that integrates R&D, engine manufacturing and complete vehicle production, through the core technology import, quality system construction and management idea implant, so it has become the modern manufacturing model window of Beijing."

Changing lanes to overtake, BAIC Group realized international manufacturing by putting effort into the field of new technology

BAIC Group's high-end manufacturing not only lies in the manufacturing process, but is more of the upgrading and layout of the industry chain. In order to meet the development requirements of the new era, on the basis of traditional automobile manufacturing, BAIC Group timely established the new technology research institute dedicated to the development of lightweight, intellectualization and other new technologies, revealing some preliminary achievements.

At present, BAIC Group has brought lightweight indicators into BAIC Group’s complete vehicle of self-owned brand development process, involving 217 lightweight application technologies, which can provide sufficient technical support. Lightweight manufacturing technology has been widely used in BAIC Group’s vehicles. For example, a large number of thermoforming parts are applied to the pillar-B reinforcement plate, the anti-collision beam and other key parts concerned about the collision safety of the vehicle, which can not only reduce the cost of raw materials, to achieve the unity of economic benefits and social benefits, but also bring the user more cost-effective products with reliable quality.

Intelligent technology is the core field of the future automobile technology development, which will meet the personalized demand of consumers and increase the added value of use. Intellectualization is an opportunity for automotive enterprises to be in line with the international practice and achieve overtaking by lane change. BAIC Group tries to match the technical standards of domestic and foreign automotive enterprises, to gradually promote the application of intelligent technology in the models. It realized planning applications of front collision warning, adaptive cruise control and remote control technology in the new developed models; it created the "IOV concept car" in cooperation with Internet companies, focusing on the development of automobile terminal "fifth screen" and so on, so as to share the convenience in the era of global intelligence with the user.

With Internet +, reconstruct business mode through transformation and upgrading

With the ceaselessly deepening of the integration of information technology and Internet technology, "Internet +" plays an important role in the service chain improvement, value chain reconstruction and the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry in Beijing, driving the birth of a batch of innovative business modes.

BAIC Group opened a new business of e-commerce platform in cooperation with; it launched a cooperation with Didi Kuaidi in the field of information services; in the field of NEVs promotion, it jointed hands with leasing, logistics, site, and other partners, set uptime-sharing leasing alliance, electric logistics alliance and charging field & pile alliance, and opened the construction of industry chain ecosystem from B2C mode to B + 2C. In the future, more powerful combination modes will accumulate more resources for the high-end manufacturing of BAIC Group; a brand new mode of value creation will emerge in the automobile industry, accelerating the transformation of BAIC Group "from traditional manufacturing enterprise to manufacturing service-oriented and innovative enterprise", which will drive the industrial upgrading, promote the economic development of the capital, improve the level of people's car use and bring their work and life more convenience.

BAIC Group is committed to the development of high-end manufacturing, which fits China's master line of "transforming the mode of economic development", the strategic decision of "taking automobile industry as the pillar industry of capital economic development" proposed by Beijing municipal party committee and municipal government, and BAIC Group’s development needs of "boosting the economic benefits", so as to bring "Made in Beijing" to the world economic stage and draw a good picture of "Made in China 2025".

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