Strategic Layout, BAIC Group Exerts Itself to New Technologies in Automotive Field


At present, the automobile industry is surging, and the scientific and technical revolution represented by information technology, new energy and new material technology has created new development space for automobile industry.

Recently, BAIC Group has formally established new technology research institute of Beijing Automotive Technology Center (hereinafter referred to as “new technology research institute”), which is specially devoted to the in-depth research and development of perspective automotive fields such as intelligence, electric, lightweight and Internet. BAIC Group has begun to exert itself to the completion and breakthrough of future new technology, which is the new layout of the strategic transformation of BAIC Group.

New automotive technology, the focal point of automobile development in the future

As the market competition is becoming fiercer, traditional automobile manufacturing industry is seeking for new development space relying on Internet thinking and intelligent manufacturing. Large transnational automobile companies abroad have gained phased objectives in unmanned auto. However, domestic automobile enterprises are just starting in this field and are entering a new period of competitive development.

The new technology research institute established will deepen new technology R&D to increase R&D ability and realize new breakthrough of new technology.

It is learnt that, BAIC Group new technology research institute will carry out business development around the two module of “Intelligence and Electric” and “Lightweight and Internet”. According to the planning, the new technology research institute will be put into operation within this year. During the “13th Five-Year Plan”, it will accomplish automotive intelligent operating system, crowdfunding design interactive platform, new concept whole lightweight intelligent complete vehicle development and the ecological system development of full life circle of complete vehicle and will develop into a leading enterprise in domestic intelligent automobiles.

BAIC Group is accelerating enterprise transformation and distributing the construction of R&D ability

As one of the Fortune 500, it is crucial for BAIC Group to increase the proportion of manufacturing service in order to comply with the new positioning of the capital function and achieve future development.

Xu Heyi, president of BAIC Group said that, “BAIC Group will take R&D system reform as the sally port to realize the transformation from the general element-driving traditional automobile enterprise to the energy-driving innovative enterprise.”

In 2014, BAIC Group raised the development strategy of transformation from traditional manufacturing enterprise to manufacturing service-oriented and innovative enterprise, and at the same time, combined with the national strategy of integration in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to gradually transfer the center of traditional manufacturing to Hebei and other areas. The 4th factory of Beijing Hyundai was located in Cangzhou and the self-owned brand constructed Huanghua base, which were the good examples that BAIC Group implemented the “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergetic development strategy” and the industrial transfer and upgrading of “vacating cage to change bird” to realize the transformation from manufacturing enterprise to manufacturing service-oriented and innovative enterprise.

In recent years, BAIC Group has formed the BAIC independent R&D system composed of one R&D base and subordinate key enterprise research institute in Beijing and has preliminarily constructed the R&D ability of self-owned brand of passenger vehicle, off-road vehicle, commercial vehicle, new energy vehicle and powertrain. In March this year, BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd established the joint venture “BAIC&MBtech” automotive technology center with MBtech, the independent wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler to further support BAIC self-owned brand to realize benchmarking with world leading, increase quality and technology, improve innovation ability and help with enterprise transformation by the conversion of Benz technology.

BAIC Group is opening up the new pattern and new future with new thinking and new strategy, and is exploring a perspective and sustainable new route in the process of practicing the national strategy of integration in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

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