BAIC Group won the “Golden Antelope Award” in International Electric Vehicle Challenge Match


At the night of June 18, the awarding ceremony of the 2nd Qinghai Lake (International) Electric Vehicle Challenge Match “Travelling in blue • Flying” was held in Qinghai Grand Theatre. BAIC BJEV won 9 awards and BAIC Group won the “Golden Antelope Award” which was set for the first time. Hao Peng, governor of Qinghai Province presented the award to Cai Suping, vice general manager of BAIC Group in person.

As the participant in the match for continuously two sessions, BAIC Group dispatched BAIC BJEV ES210 and EV200, totally 18 BEVs to campaign again, and joined hands with its subordinate Foton AUV pure electric bus, BAIC SENOVA EV and Beijing Benz to provide all-around and high-quality operation service for the match. By virtue of the wonderful performance in the match and the comprehensive strength displayed, BAIC Group won the praise of the committee of the match, industrial experts, media and consumers. At the awarding ceremony at the night of June 18, BAIC BJEV won the Star Recommended Award, Media Recommended Award, Best Breakthrough Award, Best Space Design Award, Best Appearance Design Award, Best Mute Effect Award, Best Speed-up Property Award, Best Fast Charging Capacity Award and Best Power Saving Capacity Award, and BAIC Group won the “Golden Antelope Award” which was set for the first time, becoming the biggest winner in this session of match.

It is reported that, the “Golden Antelope Award” is aimed to encourage the industrial benchmark enterprises which have the bellwether position in new energy vehicle field and create the most influential industrial award. The selection of this award is mainly done according to the comprehensive R&D ability of the enterprise brand, complete vehicle production scale, market shares, market total sales volume, brand cognitive, brand reputation and the comprehensive performance of the vehicle models of the enterprise in this session of match.

After winning the award, Cai Suping said in the media interview that, "To win the “Golden Antelope Award” is the recognition and encouragement of all sectors of society on the efforts that BAIC Group has made in developing new energy vehicles. We will take this recognition and keep concentrated in the innovation and development of new energy vehicles and take the new energy vehicle as the sally port to actively explore a new route which leads to the future of automobile industry."

As one of China’s top 5 automobile groups and Fortune 500, BAIC Group has always paid attention to the development of new energy vehicles and regarded new energy vehicle as an important strategic industry of BAIC Group. Early in 2009, BAIC Group took the lead and established BAIC BJEV and started the research and development of new energy vehicles. In 2014, BAIC Group integrated government capital and jointly invested RMB2 billion to establish the first domestic joint-stock new energy vehicle company – BAIC BJEV. Through over 5 years of development, BAIC Group has established two new energy vehicle R&D and production bases of passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle, basically mastered the three core technology resources of battery, motor and electronic control and possessed the ability to independently develop pure electric complete vehicle and electronic control system and the joint development ability of motor and battery system.

So far, BAIC BJEV has accomplished the R&D and realized mass production of SENOVA E150, EV200 and Weiwang 307EV. By April 2015, BAIC BJEV which was established for only one year had accumulatively sold more than 10,000 BEVs, ranking the first brand among domestic BEV field.

BAIC Group not only pays attention to the development of new energy products and the control of key technology, but also pays more attention to layout and integration of new energy vehicle industrial chain. In recent years, BAIC Group has successively established joint venture companies with German Siemens, American ATIVEA and Korean SK; established Internet marketing stores with and; established time-sharing leasing company with Foxconn and cooperated with Pangda Group and constructed 4S stores of new energy vehicles and has established the domestic most complete new energy vehicle industrial chain and service chain.

In order to solve the problem of difficulty in charging, BAIC Group has constructed more than 5300 charging piles by means of self-construction and cooperation with state grid, and took the lead to develop industrial leading mobile APP for charging service, which allows consumers to easily find the nearest charging station or charging pile by mobile Internet. In the meanwhile, BAIC Group is also researching and developing battery quick changing technology to make BEV become a more convenient vehicle.

So far, to develop new energy vehicles has been risen to the level of national strategy. In May this year, the State Council published Made in China 2025: the annual sales volume of self-owned BEVs and PHEVs will break through 1 million and the market shares will exceed 70%; by 2025, the annual sales volume of self-owned new energy vehicles will reach 3 million and the market shares will exceed 80%. The spring for new energy vehicles is coming.

In order to firmly grasp the development opportunity, it is planned by BAIC Group that by 2020, the sales of new energy complete vehicles will reach above 270,000; carbon emission will be reduced by above 20%; driving range of complete vehicle will reach 500km; and the energy consumption per 100km of complete vehicle will reach 10kWh. By 2020, BAIC Group will become the domestic advanced and world leading new energy vehicle leading brand and become the domestic new energy vehicle R&D and production base with strongest technical strength, largest industrial scale and most complete industrial chain to make contributions to the ecological civilization construction of Beijing and the whole country.

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