Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory Formally Started Today


Today, “Wave the Yangtze Economy • Win the Future of the West Together ---- Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory Commencement Activity” was held in Yufu Industrial Park in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing. Personages of all circles such as government leaders of Beijing and Chongqing, Chinese and Korean stockholder and media and the constructors of Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory and Beijing Hyundai worker’s representatives witnessed this exciting moment together. Chongqing Factory is the second factory started and constructed by Beijing Hyundai within 2015 as well as the first factory invested and constructed by Beijing Hyundai in the southwest. Guided by national strategy to develop the Yangtze River Economic Zone, the 5th factory of Beijing Hyundai was located in Chongqing, which not only shows its foresight thought of snatching the southwestern market and distributing nationwide, but also helps the economic take-off of the Yangtze River Economic Zone and the whole southwest by practical action.

Win the future of the west together

Xu Heyi, secretary of the party committee and president of BAIC Group and president of Beijing Hyundai mentioned in his speech that, “Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory is a key project of BAIC Group to open up domestic market and realize the new industry layout under the high attention and concrete guidance of related national ministries and commissions and governments of Beijing and Chongqing, and it’s the fruit of deeper cooperation and wider cooperation field of both sides. In the future, supported by government at all levels, BAIC Group will join hands with Korean Hyundai to create Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory into a brand new flagship factory with more advanced manufacturing level, more excellent energy conservation and environment protection, more outstanding economic benefit and more efficient operation management and inject new vitality to the development of automobile industry in the southwest and make it become the model of win-win construction and cooperation in the Yangtze River Economic Zone and make greater contributions to the development of local economy and society.”

Zheng Yixuan, vice president of Hyundai Motor Group said, "Beijing Hyundai is the model of the economic cooperation between South Korea and China. Since the first Sonata left the assembly line in 2002 till the accumulated production and sales broke through 6 million in 2014, all the remarkable achievements of Beijing Hyundai can’t be obtained without the trust and support of all walks of life. Today, to build the factory in Chongqing, the economic center of China’s western region is a significant opportunity for the future development of Beijing Hyundai, and at the same time, Beijing Hyundai will also spare no effort to the development of the economy of the middle and the western part of China and the development of automobile industry."

Beijing Hyundai is blossoming in Chongqing

In the applause of the audience, Sun Zhengcai, Member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and municipal party secretary of Chongqing, Huang Qifan, mayor of Chongqing, Zhang Gong, standing committee of Beijing Municipal Committee, secretary general and vice mayor of Beijing, Kim Jang-soo, ambassador of South Korea in China, Zheng Yixuan, vice president of Hyundai Motor Group and Xu Heyi, secretary of the party committee and president of BAIC Group and president of Beijing Hyundai, started the laser ball together, on which the word “Commencement” sparkled and excavators and mobile machinery shops were started at the same time. The annunciation whistles announces good news and the construction of Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory was formally started.

Expand the production capacity layout to create regional economy model

Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory is located in Yufu Industrial Park in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing with a floor area of 1,870,000m2 and total investment of RMB7.75 billion, and is predicted to be completed and put into production at the beginning of 2017. A brand new Class A0 car and a brand new Class A will be put into production in the first period. Annual production capacity of Chongqing Factory will reach 300,000 complete vehicles and 300,000 engines, and annual sales revenue is predicted to be RMB36 billion.

Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory employs international advanced automobile manufacturing equipment and technology and composes the fully automatic production line by the four major techniques of stamping, welding, coating and final assembly and the engine factory. And the “Five 100%” idea that runs through the whole production system will be the quintessence to interpret its intelligent production.

While pursuing automation and high quality in technique, Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory will also employ various environmental protection technologies to effectively reduce energy consumption and realize the green emission and recycle of “three wastes” (waste gas, waste water and waste), and pay attention to strengthening the comprehensive strength of the new factory and creating a brand new flagship factory by humanized scientific management method and whole-course quality management system.

Snatch the automobile market and win the future of the west together

In recent years, the southwestern automobile market has gradually become a hotly contested place by various manufacturers. Data shows that, the shares of the southwestern automobile market is increasing at a speed of 2%-3% each year, and it is predicted that, by 2020, with the release of the consumption power in the market of third and fourth-tier cities, the growth of southwestern market will be further increased. With the implementation of the national strategic of the Yangtze River Economic Zone, Chongqing is gradually becoming one of the areas with the most active economy all over the country.

As regards the position of Chongqing in Chinese automobile market, President Xu Heyi said that, “Chongqing is the largest domestic automobile production base. Chongqing has complete automobile associated industries and convenient traffic and logistics with low factor cost and huge development potential, and has become the strategic area of the rapid development of Chinese automobile industry in the west.”

The commencement of Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory indicates that Beijing Hyundai has been added with the supporting point from the southwest in the nationwide production and sales system, which can not only accelerate the supply of product logistics, but can also echo each other with the other four factories in Beijing and Hebei and form the entire pattern of production and sales all over the country to provide guarantee for market competition in the future.

While expanding the production capacity, Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory will also improve the whole value chain system in the west such as automobile sales, automobile finance and second-hand automobile replacement to better meet the market demand of the west. Besides, the establishment of Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory will be integrated in the whole Chongqing automobile industry cluster to promote local parts manufacturing and automobile talent cultivation and form the automobile ecological system of sound development.

Keep a foothold in the capital, integrate in regions and follow the trend

Looking back into the past, the 13 years of development history of Beijing Hyundai and each development strategy of capacity expansion all have indicated its perspective observation: In the tide of entering into the market, Beijing Hyundai was brave to be the pioneer and realized the car dream of 6.5 million households; in the historical mission of revitalizing the real economy of the capital, Beijing Hyundai rose the flag of modern manufacturing industry of the capital with outstanding development; and in national strategies such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergetic development and the construction of Yangtze River Economic Zone, Beijing Hyundai took courage ahead, constructed nationwide capacity layout to develop regional economy and win the future together. Beijing Hyundai makes plans in line with the situations and is developing steadily, and has created the milestone for the development of Chinese automobile industry.

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