Join Hands with Internet and Advance into the New Blue Ocean BAIC Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Didi Kuaidi


On June 4, BAIC Group signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Xiaoju Technology Co., Ltd (Didi Kuaidi). BAIC Group joined hands with “Internet+” and got new achievements.

Blending with Internet by the advantage in manufacturing, BAIC Group is accelerating transformation and upgrading

During the two sessions this year, premier Li Keqiang clearly elevated “Internet+” to the strategic level of national economic development.

BAIC Group has long-term thinking and exploration in the practice of “Internet+”. At the beginning of 2015, BAIC Group accelerated the integration with Internet to promote the strategic transformation of BAIC Group from manufacturing enterprise to manufacturing service-oriented and innovative enterprise. BAIC Group cooperated with e-commerce for many years and won the champion of single automobile sales on the “Double 11th”. BAIC Group signed cooperative agreement with LeTV to formally develop Internet automobile together and released the first “IOV conceptual system” during Auto Shanghai 2015, which attracted many domestic and foreign audiences to stop and experience and became a beautiful scenery line at Auto Shanghai.

The strategic cooperation with Didi Kuaidi this time is the new measure of BAIC Group that the “Internet+” of superior resource and the leasing business invested by BAIC Group are integrated and accelerates the integration with IOV and the intelligence of the subordinate products, which has injected new power for BAIC Group to promote resource advantage and open up the new blue ocean.

Since establishment in 2012, Didi Kuaidi has rapidly developed into a nationwide known mobile travel platform within less than 3 years and gathered more than 200 million mobile travel users. It can accomplish the travel service of 6 million people every day and has greatly changed the way and experience of urban travel by mobile Internet technology.

Both sides, as the powerful enterprise in their respective fields, will provide service for enterprise car use based on resource complementarity, and have in-depth cooperation in aspects such as complete vehicle sales, automobile aftermarket and science and technology frontier exploration. The key is to take advantage of the mobile travel platform of Didi Kuaidi to increase the taxi service method dominated by BEV demonstration operation invested by BAIC Group, which can enlarge the pace of the strategic transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprise and moreover, realize the new breakthrough in serving public transport by joining hands with “Internet+”.

Both sides hope to create this cooperation into the new model of “Internet + Automobile”, and moreover, BAIC Group also hopes to create the development pattern and profit pattern of transformation, upgrading and innovation by virtue of this.

Innovative development, BAIC Group is continuously stepping into the new blue ocean

As the backbone automobile group in China, BAIC Group has always taken innovative development as the interior power and has constantly created miracles complimented by the industry.

In 2009, when many traditional automobile enterprises were still hesitating at the development of new energy vehicle, BAIC Group took the lead and invested and established the new energy vehicle company and successively established new energy vehicle motor and automobile battery manufacturing enterprise, becoming an enterprise in China which completely mastered new energy motor, battery and electronic control technology and has been leading all the way in BEV manufacturing and marketization.

In 2013, BAIC Group, devoted to becoming the leader of high-quality happy travel life, turned its eyes on the general aviation field which was still silent and established BGAC, and separately signed strategic cooperation agreements with Air Pacific New Zealand and Italy Augusta Westland in 2014, becoming the first mover among domestic automobile enterprises that opened up the blue ocean market of general aviation.

In 2014, BAIC Group joined hand with Foxconn Company and promoted the operation mode of time-sharing leasing in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park and some universities, which solved the trouble in green travel caused by high price and difficulty in charging during the popularization of BEVs.

The innovative development of BAIC Group has drawn earnest attention from global investors. On December 19, 2014, its subordinate company BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd was officially listed in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd, setting the record of the top financing from the stock market in Hong Kong, which not only made BAIC Group enter into the new development stage, but also turned over a new page in the course of the transformation and upgrading of BAIC Group and even the Chinese automobile industry.

Intelligent automobile, IOV and the integration of automobile and Internet in main business are the three stages of the influence of Internet technology on automobile industry. The industry believes that, BAIC Group has the courage to innovate again, joins hands with Didi Kuaidi and explores and drives the in-depth integration of automobile enterprises and Internet technology, will have far-reaching influence on service mode, marketing mode and technological progress from the dimensionalities such as IOT automobile product R&D, marketing promotion, financial service, automobile leasing and automobile aftermarket and thus creating the brand new ecological chain of automobile industry.

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