Quality Engine Drives Transformation and Upgrading – BAIC Group Obtains the First Government Quality Management Award


On May 21, the results of the first “Quality Management Award of Beijing Municipal People’s Government” were published: Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as BAIC Group) won the “Quality Management Award of Beijing Municipal People’s Government”. Beijing quality management award is known as the "business Oscar" for its stringent selection criteria and international selection process. This is also the first time for BAIC Group to win a great quality award.

This quality management award is a quality award of the highest level in Beijing, which is set by the Beijing municipal government for the first time. Various enterprises or organizations with leading quality, technological innovation, excellent brand, and outstanding benefit, and having significant demonstration and leading role in society will be awarded. Review will be conducted every two years, and the number of the winners will not exceed more than five. This "quality award" set by Beijing for the first time is a new award, which stands out when central government energetically regulates various assessment activities. This shows that this award is aimed to create the quality benchmarking that belongs to Beijing and China. Through document audit and on-site audit, many judges and experts believed that BAIC Group deserved to be awarded.

Create a new era of “Quality BAIC Group”

It is learned that BAIC Group continuously strengthens the intensity of grasping quality improvement work by establishing authority, providing policy and building atmosphere, and forms complete performance excellence management mode in seven aspects: leadership, strategy, resources, process management, strategic analysis, improvement, results. BAIC Group also discovers management achievements and highlights in 10 aspects such as independent R&D, innovation, new energy, enterprise culture, etc.

In terms of independent R&D and innovation, BAIC Group, adhering to the concepts of "openness, innovation, integrated development, grasping the core, staying ahead", digests and absorbs advanced European technology and independently optimizes and improves them through the acquisition of Saab technology and setting up joint venture technology center, thus forming three technical core competitiveness, i.e., product design, trial-manufacturing & test, manufacturing & processing and obtaining remarkable innovative achievements.

In terms of new energy vehicles, BAIC Group has produced and sold over 5,000 pure electric passenger cars, respectively ranking first in China and fourth in the world. Supplemented by innovative market-oriented operation and service, this injects strong power into a transnational state-owned automobile enterprise, for China’s self-owned brand new energy vehicles to realize corner overtaking.

In terms of the performance of social responsibilities, BAIC Group, upholding social responsibility concepts of "creating smile for the world, love around the world and benefit for thousands of families", has created "BAIC Group sunflower" enterprise public brand, carried out “growth plan” that cares for education of adolescents, “blue sky plan” that pays attention to environmental protection, and "Pioneer in Blue" activities that advocates new energy, with a total investment of more than RMB1 billion. In 2014, BAIC Group provided 149 vehicles to support APEC meeting, which realized zero fault and fully showed BAIC Group’s corporate image of "reliable quality, dare to be responsible".

In recent years, in order to ensure the promotion and progress of quality management and accelerate the realization of the strategic target of transforming from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a service-oriented manufacturing and innovative enterprise, BAIC Group has imported and implemented the performance excellence management mode, which promotes the sustainable development of the enterprise strategic transformation. The award also strongly suggests that BAIC Group has built up the corporate culture of "quality first, business excellence", fully implemented the "evaluation criteria of performance excellence", and opened a new era of "quality BAIC Group".

 Exert the leading role of quality engine

"Let every employee have the blood of quality" is a famous saying of BAIC Group’s Chairman Xu Heyi. It is the pursuit of high quality that makes BAIC Group reach today’s top five position in the domestic automobile industry. In an age when other brands still pursue imitation at low level and price competition, BAIC Group has began to promote the development of quality with multiple measures, to exert the leading role of quality engine. Xu Heyi once said that to realize real development, cars of self-owned brands must get rid of low-quality and cheap hat and win competitive advantages with quality and brand. The pursuit of high quality production concept has always run through BAIC Group’s whole business chain, from product development, to production, sales, and after-sales services.

BAIC Group implements the concepts of “quality and brand” in the aspects of capital, technology, quality, management, culture and so on, and promotes enterprise to transform and upgrade from the manufacturing type to service-oriented manufacturing and innovative type by means of the world's most advanced production equipment, the strictest control system, and the most capable talents. It promotes group quality management level with performance excellence management mode, builds up self-owned brands with the standard requirements of European luxury brand Saab, and establishes a service system for the whole life cycle of products on the principle of customer first.

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