Innovation Drives Enterprise Development Core Scientific and Technological Achievements of BAIC Group Show in the CHITEC


On May 13, “The 18th China Beijing International High-tech Expo” (short for CHITEC), themed "Leading Science and Technology Innovation and Promote Industrial Development" was opened in China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. As a representative of high-end manufacturing backbone enterprise in Beijing, BAIC Group, conforming to the new normal of national economy development, themed "Your Wish•Our Ways", and following the main thought of "Create•New Future", brought eight major brands including 17 core products to the expo, to highlight major achievements of BAIC Group in the emerging industries such as new energy vehicles and Internet +. These formed a future automobile ecological booth with BAIC Group characteristics.

BAIC Group has always taken the CHITEC as an important window to show its core scientific and technological level, core competitiveness and enterprise culture. It is reported that BAIC Group has attended CHITEC for successive 13 years. Xu Heyi indicated that through promoting the deep communication between the automobile enterprises, between the automobile enterprises and surrounding industries, and between the enterprises and economic and trade organizations, CHITEC is helpful for BAIC Group to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and to provide more support and opportunities for BAIC Group to step into the world.

Innovation is the only for development

Relying on scientific and technological innovation and technological progress to promote corporate development is a direction to which BAIC Group has made unremitting efforts for 56 years since its establishment. Since the reform and opening, BAIC Group, through independent innovation and joint venture, has got a new life in technological innovation work. Its independently researched and developed "Warrior" military vehicle in 2009 was awarded the first price for China automobile industry science and technology progress. In 2007, Beijing Automotive Technology Center was established, thus Beijing had an independent passenger car technology innovation entity and the technology accumulation was accelerated dramatically. To fill the blank that BAIC Group has no self-owned brand cars, in 2009, BAIC Group acquired Saab complete vehicle and engine technology, and started the "second undertaking" to establish BAIC Group independent innovation system and build the passenger cars of BAIC Group’s self-owned brands. The scientific and technical innovation of BAIC Group ushered in the new stage of rapid development.

Through digesting and absorbing Saab technology, BAIC Group has gradually mastered the complete vehicle development and integration technology of middle and high-grade cars, turbocharger technology, direct injection technology and manual and automatic transmission development technology, and established a domestically leading M-TRIX technology platform. The successful development of SENOVA 70 marked that BAIC Group’s self-owned brands started to enter the middle and high-grade cars to compete. From 2011 to now, BAIC Group has introduced Weiwang series, small E series, SENOVA series and BJ40 SUV, etc.; it has also developed several engines and transmission products, which set a high starting point for the business of BAIC Group’s self-owned brand passenger cars. BAIC Group also walks ahead of the industry in R&D of new energy vehicles. The electric drive system technology of DCM and EV-AT wins the national patent, and its pure electric car takes the lead in realizing the industrialization.

Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group, indicated that science and technology constitute the primary productive force and a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution had kicked off. The next step must track the world automotive technology trend. Combined with the practical development of BAIC Group, in terms of technological R&D, the breakthrough should be made in three major directions: electrification, intellectualization, and lightweight.

In fact, from Auto Shanghai to CHITEC, the three trends mentioned above have been fully embodied in BAIC Group's products and technological R&D. And the results had also been showed in the booth of CHITEC.

BEVs: A favorite of future urban travel solution

In the area of the new energy vehicles that BAIC Group focused to display, you can see SENOVA EV200 and EU300 of rental version as well as motors, batteries, monitoring platform, etc, all of which unfold the development process and results of BAIC Group’s new energy technology and BEVs.

BAIC Group all the time has been focusing on promoting the R&D and industrialization of new energy vehicles and takeing new energy vehicle industry as a test field for BAIC Group's transformation development. Today, this test field has borne rich fruits: in 2014, realizing the sales of more than 6,000 vehicles, with 5,510 vehicles registered, accounting for 18.6% of the national sales. Sales volume is not the only pursuit of BAIC BJEV. In order to response to the call of state and Beijing municipal government and to accelerate the market application of new energy vehicles, BAIC BJEV officially released the brand allegation of "start light life from E", and launched EV200, which gathered the BAIC BJEV’s core technology advantages of the whole value chain system, was equipped with South Korea SK’s ternary lithium battery, and high performance lightweight permanent magnet synchronous motor independently researched and developed by BAIC Group, and at the same time, integrated entertainment, navigation, bluetooth, interconnection, and other intelligent science and technology systems, which has realized the comprehensive upgrading of core quality.

The Driving mileage of EV200 is 200km. It is equipped with an electronic control system of the international advanced level, and it has unique torque protection, management of energy balance, high voltage abnormal diagnosis and treatment, and other functions, which can make the comprehensive efficiency higher, the fault rate of the vehicle lower, and the battery stability and safety stronger. Because of its excellent performance and good consumer feedback, it is known as the "National BEV Benchmarking" in the industry. EU300 of rental version is planned to be launched in September this year. Inheriting Saab excellent genes, its driving mileage will be more than 300 km. The maximum speeds at the dynamic mode and economic mode are over 140 km/h and 120 km/h respectively, which is worth expecting.

Adhering to the brand allegation of "starting light life from E", BAIC BJEV, through taking BEVs as a carrier for urban travel, creates an easier and more convenient way to travel, that innovates user experience and provides comfortable enjoyment.

BAIC Group “intelligence travel formula E= mc2”: future auto life service solution

It is noteworthy that BAIC BJEV BEVs and car networking concept system jointly create an "intelligent urban travel service ecosystem" under the "Intelligence travel formula E= mc2".

"Intelligence travel formula E= mc2" consists of private entertainment circle, home intelligent travel and urban traffic sharing, respectively representing three different forms of urban intelligent traffic system, i.e., individual, family, and shared traffic. The intelligent wear equipment, smart home, intelligent sensor, intelligent multiple screen information interconnection, voice and call center make travel easier and more comfortable. Intelligent transportation systems redefine cars with new thinking and perspective, and cars in future will become users’ life partner.

And in order to realize the "Intelligence travel formula E= mc2", a set of car networking system is necessary. BAIC Group’s intelligent automobile prototype, standing out in Auto Shanghai and attracting countless people to watch, came to the CHITEC, which made BAIC Group’s future vehicles be labeled as intelligent automobiles.

According to introduction, this intelligent system is pilot fruit of Internet automobile under the cooperation between BAIC Group and LeTV, and this system shows the following aspects: a new generation of exterior rearview mirror display system; a liquid crystal instrument panel that can show combination instrument, central control screen and front passenger’s information; new UI display interface characterized by electronization, intellectualization, and integration; wirelessly-charged intelligent mobile terminal; realization of wireless information synchronization at the intelligent mobile terminal; an intelligent terminal key that can set up personal preferences and provide the social functions; Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) that can realize automatic car following in traffic jam; intelligent automatic speed limit; technology that reminds the distance between the front pedestrian and vehicle, etc.

In the CHITEC, in the lightweight display area of BAIC Group, the latest R&D results of automobile lightweight technology of BAIC Group will also be displayed and explained with combination of physical objects and electronic screen.

Target of the next station: Internet + and new energy vehicle, both are indispensable

Xu Heyi indicated that he hoped that the combination between the automobile and Internet can produce more "energy" to inject into the future urban travel solution, and give full play to the integration advantages of the whole industry chain, to create more value for BEV users.

It is understood that in the future, BAIC Group will also carry out more and deeper cooperation with LeTV in the field of Internet automobiles, to promote a greater degree of integration innovation between automobile and the Internet industry.

In terms of new energy vehicles, it is learned that in the next two years, BAIC Group plans to launch 11 new models, to create complete new energy vehicle product mix, i.e., "2, 3, 4" (i.e., the range of 200 km, 300 km, 400 km), "high, medium and low" (i.e., high-grade, middle-grade, standard configuration), "large, medium and small" (i.e., the body size), to offer more choices for consumers. Among them, six BEVs will be launched this year, including high-grade BEV produced based on European design, Class A and Class A0 BEVs, pure electric cold-chain vehicle, and electric truck with the capacity of 1.5t, etc.

Xu Heyi indicated that BAIC Group would further use the Internet thinking, techniques and methods to promote innovative transformation, and promote the traditional manufacturing to move towards the manufacturing networking, informationization, intellectualization and specialization.

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