BAIC Group Sponsors APEC to Show the Charm of China through International Arena


On August 4, the “2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Meetings Sponsorship Signing Ceremony” was held in Beijing. Cheng Hong, Deputy Head of APEC 2014 Beijing Municipal Preparatory Work Leading Group Office (hereinafter referred to as the Office) and Deputy Mayor, and other relevant leaders and representatives of sponsors attended the ceremony.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a regional economic cooperation organization of the highest level, widest in fields and largest in influence. It plays a decisive role in the current world economic pattern.

As one of the main auto industry groups in China and leading enterprise in high-end manufacturing industry in Beijing, BAIC Group has the honor to be selected as “Special Sponsor of APEC 2014” after being subject to strict screening of the Office. Self-owned brand passenger cars and commercial passenger cars of BAIC Motor, Foton, BAIC BJEV and other subordinated enterprises are the “Official Vehicles for APEC 2014”.

According to Zhang Xiyong, General Manager of BAIC Group, under the guidance and support of the national competent industry departments, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, and the Beijing Municipal Government and departments, BAIC Group has obtained remarkable achievements and great progress in recent years. BAIC Group is undergoing an important period of vigorously promoting internationalization, strengthening development of self-owned brands, and accelerating development of new energy vehicles and other industrial upgrading. Taking part in relevant content and activities of the APEC meeting will be the best platform for BAIC Group to exchange with the international community and an important way for the Group to further enhance international popularity and brand credibility.

For nearly a year, BAIC Group has made significant progress through further deepening cooperation with Daimler AG and Hyundai Group, and strengthening development of new self-owned brand products, and their layout at home and abroad. BAIC Group has entered a period of rapid growth.

By means of a series of resources reorganization and integration, BAIC Group has built 8 passenger car production bases and 9 commercial vehicle production bases of the self-owned brand with Beijing high-end manufacturing base as the core. The nationwide layout has been realized for the self-owned brands of BAIC Group.

At present, BAIC Group, with annual revenue of more than $ 43.3 billion in 2013, refreshed its place in the list of Fortune 500 enterprises, ranking 248th, moving up 88 places compared with last year. This means that BAIC Group has an important global competitiveness regarding financial indicators, boosting its confidence in continuing to promote internationalization.

Unceasingly, BAIC Group, centering on the development mode transformation and growth ability breakthrough, and driving development by innovation, takes the cultivation of independent innovation ability, the establishment of an independent innovation system, the promotion of research & development and industrialization of new energy vehicles and the building of BAIC Group self-owned brand, as the strategic basis points for its development. Through acquiring, digesting and absorbing the international first-class car SAAB technology, BAIC Group has formed a middle and high-end self-owned brand core competence with international competitiveness. The SENOVA D70 and D50, which are already in mass production, BJ40, new energy vehicles and the upcoming SENOVA D60 and other products, embody the vigor of independent innovation of BAIC Group in passenger cars. 

It is reported that BAIC Group will provide multiple self-owned brand products for the APEC meeting, including SENOVA D70, Foton MP-X commercial vehicle, Foton AUV passenger car and the new energy BEV. It is the first time for the BEV to be the officially designated car of the APEC meeting. The display on the international arena of APEC also reveals resolution to develop the new energy vehicle industry and the confidence in the strength of products of BAIC Group.

According to Zhang Xiyong, BAIC Group will adhere to the principle of solidarity and collaboration, and fine service to provide safe, reliable and comfortable service cars and high quality and high level operation service guarantee for APEC 2014.

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