BAIC Group Forges New Strengths Thanks to APEC – BAIC Group Delivers Vehicles for the “APEC 2014, The Third Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3)”


The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a regional economic cooperation organization that is highest in level, widest in fields and largest in influence. Each session of the APEC meeting will attract the attention of the international community. Under the leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, BAIC Group became a "Special Sponsor of APEC 2014" after being subject to strict selection conducted by the APEC 2014 Beijing Municipal Preparatory Work Leading Group Office (hereinafter referred to as the Office), and self-owned brand passenger cars and commercial passenger cars of its subordinate enterprises, including Beijing Motor, Foton, BAIC BJEV BEV, became the "Official Vehicles for APEC 2014".

On August 5, "BAIC GROUP Vehicles Delivery Ceremony for APEC 2014, The Third Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3)" was held in Beijing Automotive Industry Research and Development Base, and the leaders of the Office, BAIC Group and related sponsors attended the meeting to witness the event.

New opportunity: self-owned brand serves the international meeting

It is learned that in 2014, the officially designated vehicles for the APEC 2014, The Third Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3) are the first batch of vehicles delivered by BAIC Group, including 50 Senova D70 cars of its own brand, 40 MP-X S commercial cars, 15 AUV passenger vehicles, in total 105 vehicles. At the same time, BAIC Group, in order to ensure normal operation of vehicles for the meeting, also added 14 spare cars.

Li Zhili, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of BAIC Group, said that APEC 2014 was the best platform for BAIC Group to show its strength, strengthen international exchanges, and enhance its international brand visibility and influence. He said that in order to guarantee “absolute safety”, BAIC Group had formulated an internal control scheme and backup plan to fully guarantee the vehicles’ safety and services for APEC, and had implemented the internal control scheme in advance, so as to completely support the Office in the work related to vehicle operation and management.

For this, in the vehicle delivery ceremony, BAIC Group respectively signed the "Letter of Responsibility on Technology Service Guarantee for the Official Vehicles for APEC 2014" with its subordinate enterprises that provide the "Official Vehicles for APEC 2014", including Beijing Motor Corporation Ltd., Beijing Foton Motor Co., Ltd., and BAIC BJEV Co., Ltd., to ensure to provide safe, reliable and comfortable vehicles and high quality, high standard services for APEC. Related leaders of the Office present at the scene jointly witnessed this solemn promise.

New image: product first, service-oriented

Unceasingly, BAIC Group, centering on the development mode transformation and growth ability breakthrough, and driving development by innovation, takes on the cultivation of independent innovation ability, the establishment of an independent innovation system, and the building of BAIC Group self-owned brand as the strategic basis points for its development.

After acquiring, digesting and absorbing the technology platform of international first-class SAAB automobile, BAIC Group obtains an independent intellectual property rights technology platform by means of integrated innovation and collaborative innovation modes. The passenger car Senova D70 and D50 that have been put into mass production and that are developed based on this platform, draw wide attention and are widely welcomed. The upcoming Senova D60 is also highly expected by consumers after being named the best new car in this year's Auto China.

Product first, service-oriented. BAIC Group also actively learns from different industries to obtain new ideas while actively strengthening independent technology and product innovation. It takes the service as a new starting point for the survival and development of the enterprise, and promotes a service oriented manufacturing industry.

BAIC Group has ranked among the Fortune 500 enterprises for two consecutive years, which means that BAIC Group has a pivotal position in China's automotive industry, and at the same time, prompts BAIC Group to take on nationwide and international operations as well as achieve connotative growth. Serving the "APEC 2014" is an important opportunity to check BAIC Group’s self-owned brand new products, new service concept, and new service mechanism, as well as to promote it in the process. In particular, this is an important step for BAIC Group to march towards globalization.

New force: leading the new energy future

It is noteworthy that BAIC Group new energy vehicles will also play an important role during APEC 2014. Environmental protection has always been one of the biggest concerns of APEC. Under the background of increasingly prominent challenges posed by global resources and environment, and a daunting task of economic and environmental governance, green development has become an important measure for Asia-Pacific economies to promote economic restructuring and lead the momentum of economic development in the region. Under this environment, strengthening research and development, and industrialization of new energy vehicles is the duty of auto enterprises, as well as the duty of BAIC Group. The new energy vehicle industry has become one of the core development strategies of BAIC Group.

It is learned that BAIC Group started relatively late in the field of new energy vehicles, but its determination promoting the industrialization and research and development of new energy vehicles, makes it accelerate the development in the field of new energy vehicles. At present, through system and mechanism innovation, BAIC Group has mastered three core components of the electric vehicle, i.e. battery, motor, and electric control system, as well as the production capacity of the overall industry chain. Based on strong core technology development and production capacity, its subordinate new energy vehicle company has grown into a new energy vehicle enterprise with the widest application scope of products, the fastest development speed, the largest industry scale, the most complete industry chain and the largest demonstration operation scale. In the future, BAIC Group will, by accelerating new energy strategy transformation and industrial upgrading, speed up the pace of research and development and industrialization of new energy vehicles, and continue to be ahead in the field of new energy in China’s automotive industry.

At present, including the new energy vehicle industry base, BAIC Group has completed 8 passenger car bases and 9 commercial vehicle bases, with regards to the self-owned brand, along the whole nation with Beijing high-end manufacturing base as the core. Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group said that BAIC Group will, in accordance with the requirements of high standards, service-orientation, centralization, amalgamation, and low carbon emission, adjust the strategic positioning of Beijing automotive industry, and accelerate the internationalization development pace of the group with the driving force of transformation and upgrading as a service-oriented and innovative enterprise.

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