BAIC Group Fully Supports Beijing & Zhangjiakou to Jointly Bid to Host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games


On August 26, "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games Bid Committee - Contract-signing Ceremony for Sponsors" was held in Beijing; 8 enterprises including BAIC Group became the sponsors of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games Bid Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee). Yang Xiaochao, Vice President of the Committee, and Vice Mayor of Beijing, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Hou Yulan, Secretary-General of the Committee, and Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Municipal Government awarded the honorary plaques to the sponsors, and Li Yingchuan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Committee, and Director of Beijing Sports Bureau, on behalf of the Committee, signed the sponsorship contracts with the sponsors. Zhang Jian, Deputy General Manager of BAIC Group received the honorary plaque and signed the contract on behalf of BAIC Group.

Winter Olympic Games (hereinafter referred to as the Winter Olympics), a worldwide sports meeting for winter events sponsored by the International Olympic Committee, which is held every four years and deeply attracts worldwide attention. Following the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games that Beijing and Zhangjiakou jointly bid to host is another top international event that China works to host. This is closely related to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the Chinese dream. The bid will further show China's development and comprehensive strengthen, enhance China' international influence, and will play an important role in promoting the coordinated development of the economy and society, of both Beijing and Hebei. A successful bid would make Beijing become the first city that both host the Summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games. Facts show that since 2001, the successful Olympic bid has played a great role in promoting China's economic development and cultural undertakings, and the overall social environment has also undergone a huge change. This has brought an unprecedented opportunity and development space for Chinese enterprises.

In recent years, under the guidance and support of the national competent industry departments, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, and Beijing Municipal Government and departments, the BAIC Group has obtained remarkable achievements and rapid development. In 2014, BAIC Group, with annual revenue of more than $ 43.3 billion in 2013, renewed its place in the list of Fortune 500 enterprises, ranking 248th, moving up 88 places compared with last year. This means that BAIC Group already has an important global competitiveness.

At present, the BAIC Group is undergoing an important industrial upgrading period during which, it is transforming from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a service-oriented and innovative manufacturer, strengthening the self-owned brand development, and accelerating the development of the new energy vehicles industry. Zhang Jian, Deputy General Manager of BAIC Group, said that the Olympic Games were a very good platform to show the strength of a country, and also a very good platform for an enterprise to show its international competitiveness. BAIC Group gives full support for Beijing and Zhangjiakou to jointly bid to host the Winter Olympic Games, which can bring new driving forces and new opportunities for Chinese automotive enterprises to go onto the world stage. This is an important international platform for BAIC Group to realize its new era dream of strengthening our country at the foundation, giving priority to strengthening enterprises and caring for people. This is also a transmission platform for BAIC Group to further expand its international visibility and brand trust. In addition, this is an important social responsibility of BAIC Group as corporate citizenship.

Unceasingly, BAIC Group, centering on the development mode transformation and growth ability breakthrough, and driving development by innovation, takes the cultivation of the independent innovation ability, the establishment of an independent innovation system, and the building of BAIC Group self-owned brand as the strategic basis points for its development. Through acquiring, digesting and absorbing the international first-class car SAAB technology, BAIC Group has formed a middle and high-end self-owned brand core competence with international competitiveness; and by enhancing the strategy, operation and capital control, it successfully creates five big development platforms: complete vehicle manufacturing, parts development, independent R&D, service and trade, and reform and adjustment, which make it become an automotive group with the most complete automotive product categories in China. Under the tide of new energy vehicles leading the future industrial innovation and upgrade, BAIC Group has mastered the three electric vehicle core technologies of battery, motor, electric control system, and also mastered the production capacity of the overall industry chain, which makes it walk in the forefront in the field of international new energy vehicles.

BAIC Group adheres to the core value of "Your Wish•Our Ways", advocating people-oriented value and scientific and technological innovation spirit along with human feelings, and sticks to the principle of good faith and harmonious development, all of which have common values pursuit with the Olympic spirit of democracy and freedom, forging ahead, striving hard in pursuit dream. "We sincerely wish that Beijing and Zhangjiakou can succeed in the bid. This will be the pride of ethnic Chinese all over the world." Zhang Jian said that, "BAIC Group will also grasp this important opportunity, and adhere to the principle of solidarity and collaboration, provide safe, reliable and comfortable service cars and high quality and high level operation services to do its part in the Olympic Games."

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