Pan Xiaoting Serves as Leader of the First BEV Female Stunt Team of BAIC BJEV


BAIC BJEV held a delivery ceremony at the plant in Caiyu Town, Beijing. At the ceremony, Zheng Gang, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of BAIC BJEV declared that the first BEV female stunt team was established, “9-Ball Queen” Pan Xiaoting was employed as the first leader, and stunt drivers will be selected nationwide.

Pan Xiaoting is not only the famous billiards “9-Ball Queen”, but also a stunt driver. It is her rich sports skills that make her form ties with BAIC BJEV. She said frankly that she came to know electric vehicles only after participating in “First Tour of Qinghai Lake International Electric Vehicle Challenge 2014”, and it was the experience serving as the E150EV driver that enabled her to take on this BEV. She mentioned that she just knew environmental performance of electric vehicles before, but found that E150EV could finish those stunts in such an excellent way, which was unexpected. If a car is excellent in performance and environment-friendly, it is worthy of vigorous popularization.

According to Zheng Gang, BAIC BJEV established a female stunt team in the hope of popularizing new energy vehicles in a special way and making more people know, accept and use BEVs, and reduce the use of gasoline cars in order to alleviate the seriously hazy weather.

It is learned that all females that love automobile racing and advocate for low-carbon lifestyle, over 18 years old and with over 5 years of driving experience, can sign up through the official website, microblog, WeChat and the other public platforms of BAIC BJEV. They will be tested and trained by professional coaches. The female stunt team will regularly organize a safety driving forum, and provide car owners with professional traffic safety knowledge and safe driving training for free. From the second half of this year, Pan Xiaoting will lead the female stunt team tour in person participating in 4 cars pursuing, 4 cars through piles in the same direction, 4 cars crossing in the same direction and other stunts nationwide, when citizens in various regions will witness the mien of the “9-Ball Queen” manipulating a BEV. 

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