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(1) Although this website will try to provide accurate information and contents in a timely manner, the information and contents are only limited to their existing condition, and will not give specific guidance for business actions of the user. So the user shall be responsible for the activity and risk in the use of this website. For its accuracy and timeliness, this website will not give any express or implied warranty.

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(5) The local laws may have mandatory regulations on limitation of liability and exemption, and in this case, the mandatory laws shall prevail.

Privacy protection

(1) Users can visit our website and get the relevant information under the conditions of anonymity. But some services will require user registration before being provided. Before requiring the user to provide relevant information, this website will explain the purpose of this information, and under normal circumstances, such kind of registration only requires the user to provide an email address and some basic information such as user’s work, positions. This website sometimes may require the user to provide more information, so that it can better understand the needs of user and provide more effective services to the user.

(2) This website will take reasonable security measures to protect the stored personal information of the user. This website will not provide any personal information of the user to any irrelevant third party (including company or individual) without user permission in advance unless specified by mandatory law or government regulation.

(3) Users should understand that this website may disclose the personal information as required by law.

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