Strategic Layout, BAIC Group Exerts Itself to New Technologies in Automotive Field

At present, the automobile industry is surging, and the scientific and technical revolution represented by information technology, new energy and new material technology has created new development space for automobile industry.

“Increase” of Both Performance and Ranking and “Advancement” of Transformation and Brand BAIC Group Ranked into Fortune 500 Agai

On July 22, at 9:00 a.m. EST (July 22, at 21:00 p.m. Beijing time), the latest issue of the United States Fortune magazine formally announced the "2015 Fortune 500" list. BAIC Group, with the operating revenue of USD50.566 billion, had been listed into the Fortune 500 for three consecutive years, ranking 207th. Compared with last year, BAIC Group rises by 41 places, achieving the increase of both performance and ranking.

“Smart Power” Gives Birth to the Great Revolution, and BAIC Group Builds an Ecosystem

BAIC Group has won widespread praise with an enterprising, forward-looking, open and inclusive attitude in the following aspects: the change from "Made in China" to "Created in China" and the warm embracement of the Internet +; active devotion to new energy vehicles and exploration of intelligent automobiles, and the creation of system innovation with capital innovation. BAIC Group, dares to use, can use, and all the more makes good use of "smart power" while pioneering and constructing innovative ecosystem mode, which has made it set up a new benchmark for “Made in China 2025”.

Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory Formally Started Today

Today, “Wave the Yangtze Economy • Win the Future of the West Together ---- Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory Commencement Activity” was held in Yufu Industrial Park in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing. Personages of all circles such as government leaders of Beijing and Chongqing, Chinese and Korean stockholder and media and the constructors of Beijing Hyundai Chongqing Factory and Beijing Hyundai worker’s representatives witnessed this exciting moment together. Chongqing Factory is the second factory started and constructed by Beijing Hyundai within 2015 as well as the first factory invested and constructed by Beijing Hyundai in the southwest. Guided by national strategy to develop the Yangtze River Economic Zone, the 5th factory of Beijing Hyundai was located in Chongqing, which not only shows its foresight thought of snatching the southwestern market and distributing nationwide, but also helps the economic take-off of the Yangtze River Economic Zone and the whole southwest by practical action.

BAIC Group won the “Golden Antelope Award” in International Electric Vehicle Challenge Match

At the night of June 18, the awarding ceremony of the 2nd Qinghai Lake (International) Electric Vehicle Challenge Match “Travelling in blue • Flying” was held in Qinghai Grand Theatre. BAIC BJEV won 9 awards and BAIC Group won the “Golden Antelope Award” which was set for the first time. Hao Peng, governor of Qinghai Province presented the award to Cai Suping, vice general manager of BAIC Group in person.

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