Better Appearance, Higher Intelligence | BAIC Senova All New D50 Making Debut

On 8 November, 2017, the launch conference of BAIC Senova All New D50 was kicked off in Wuzhen Town. Themed with “New Height in Appearance and Intelligence”, the launch conference highlighted two aspects of BAIC Senova All New D50: creating the stunning appearance with the styling design concept of “Capital Style”; and bringing interactive experience like a “private driving secretary” to the users based on super-strong intelligent brain like “Walking Siri”.

BAIC Partners with Baidu to Accelerate AI + Automobile Program

On October 13, 2017, BAIC Group and Baidu signed agreement of strategic cooperation in BAID Industrial and R&D Base, meaning they have reached strategic partnership at the group level in automobile intelligence. Baidu Founder and CEO Robin Li, VP and CEO Assistant Liang Zhixiang, General Manager Li Zhenyu of Baidu IDG, BAIC Group Party Secretary & Chairman Xu Heyi, Deputy Party Secretary & President Zhang Xiyong and other executives of the two parties were present at the signing ceremony.

"Group Pattern 2.0" launching, BAIC set outs IAA Cars Frankfurt/Main together with BHAP

On Sep.13 2017, BAIC Group set out 67th IAA CARS Frankfurt /Main with its subsidiary company, Beijing BHAP Auto Parts Co., Ltd., showing its “intelligent, electrical-driven and lightweight” auto part products independently developed by BAIC Group. This is an important exhibition of BAIC Group for its industry chain comprehensive capacity and prospective technology on an international stage of high class, and also an important practice of its “Group Pattern 2.0” strategy in the world.

Develop South Africa Market to Build the New Beacon for the Belt & Road Initiative | BAIC Group Debut South African Festival of

On September 1, 2017, South African Festival of Motoring 2017 was opened in Kyalami International Racing Field in Johannesburg. BAIC Group, with own brand products, enters auto market in South Africa. This is the first time for BAIC Group to make its debut in an overseas auto show with group brand. This also represents BAIC’s a major move to fulfill its strategy of boosting Group New Pattern 2.0.

XU Heyi: Auto manufacturers who make automobile collaboratively shall survive. Auto manufacturers who make automobile behind clo

On 24 August, 2017 Global Automotive AI Conference co-funded by and Auto Innovation Park was held in Shanghai. Such conference was themed on boosting the application of artificial intelligence technology resources into automobile sector, and boosting the development of global auto industry and future transportation.

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