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Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BAIC Group"), founded in 1958, is an automobile enterprise group in China with a very broad variety of products, an outstanding industrial chain, the largest commercial vehicle scale, and a leading position in the new energy vehicle market. In 2015, BAIC Group realized vehicle sales of 2.49 million and an operating revenue of RMB 345.22 billion, ranking 5th in vehicle sales and revenue in China automotive industry. It also ranks 160th in the Fortune 500, and 15th in the global automotive industry.

BAIC Group owns a remarkable industrial chain with vehicle manufacturing as the core, and that integrates automobile research & development, parts manufacturing, automobile service and trade, education, finance, general aviation and multiple business development. BAIC Group possess self-owned brand enterprises including BAIC Motor, Foton, Changhe Auto, BAIC Yinxiang, as well as joint venture brand enterprises including Beijing Hyundai, Beijing Benz, Changhe Suzuki, BFDA, etc. The total sales of vehicles accumulate to more than 15 million, with commercial vehicle sales ranking first in the world, and sample new energy vehicles being over 50,000.

BAIC Group has formed an industrial pattern both home and abroad, with Beijing as the center, which is distributed along the whole country and reaches the whole world. Beijing is BAIC Group’s development planning center, capital operation center, innovation center and talent center. In over 10 provinces and cities in China, BAIC Group has established eight passenger car bases and nine commercial vehicle bases. While consolidating and developing the domestic market, BAIC Group is constantly expanding into the international market, and has established complete vehicle plants and parts bases overseas in over 20 countries including the Netherlands, Russia, Kenya, etc., with the products being exported to more than 80 countries around the world.

As a qualified corporate citizen in the Chinese society, BAIC Group has always been committed to realizing the growth of its employees, customers, partners, and promoting the harmonious development of people, vehicles, and nature. In recent years, BAIC Group and its subordinate enterprises have continuously carried out public interest activities in assistance of poor and distressed people, environmental protection, social service, corporate responsibility, school construction and teaching assistance, and has cumulatively spent hundreds of millions of yuan. In addition, it actively promotes research & development and the industrialization process of energy saving and new energy vehicles, energetically supports the low-carbon transport development, and makes a solemn commitment to fulfill the corporate citizen obligations and social responsibility of BAIC Group.

In the achievement of large scale development, BAIC Group will takes independent construction innovation ability as the key to speed up the promotion of enterprise core competitive ability, to continuously promote renovation and adjustment, and to solidly promote the internationalization strategy. In this way, BAIC Group can realize transformation and upgrade from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a service-oriented and innovative manufacturer, and thus become an internationally competitive automobile manufacturer and service provider, striving to reach the Top 10 auto enterprises in the world by 2025.


BAIC International Development Co., Ltd. (BAIC INTL) is a wholly-funded subsidiary of BAIC Group. Under the guidance of the board’s chairman of BAIC Group, Mr. XU Heyi, BAIC INTL is expanding its cross-border businesses with the aim of building a “Global BAIC”. This visionary project will give birth to networks in main regions of the world: the Middle East, West Asia, Central Asia, Africa, South America and several other regions. It will thus enable BAIC Group to reach its strategic objectives and achieve internationalization in terms of talents, markets, products, brand recognition and management. In order to solidify its global presence, BAIC INTL focuses on five core activities: export of finished vehicles and individual components; import of technologies, equipment and finished vehicles; product improvements; overseas investment; and international cooperation. BAIC INTL’s core business is the development of reliable commercial, passenger, electronic and other types of vehicles.

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