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Founded in 1958, Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. ("BAIC Group") is a major automobile group in China. We have developed into a state-owned automobile group engaged in automobile R&D and manufacturing, general aviation, automotive parts manufacturing, automotive service and trade, investment & financing, and other businesses. In 2016, we were ranked 160th among Fortune Global 500, with sales of 2.85 million units and operating revenues of 406.1 billion yuan.

Since Beijing Auto Works turned out Beijing's first car-"Jinggangshan" in 1958, we have independently developed and manufactured China's first-generation light off-road vehicle-BJ212 and first-generation light truck-BJ130, established China's first automotive joint venture-Beijing Jeep Co., Ltd. and China's first automotive joint venture after its entry into the WTO-Beijing Hyundai Motor Company, acquired the intellectual property of Saab, Sweden, and set a lot of precedents in China's auto industry.

After more than 50 years of development, we have owned independent brands such as "Beijing", "Senova", "Changhe" and "Foton", and introduced international brands such as "Hyundai", "Mercedes-Benz" and "Suzuki". These brands cover a wide range of sectors such as car, off-road vehicle, commercial vehicle and new energy vehicle.

With professional technology R&D institutions for passenger vehicles, off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles and powertrain, we have established an integrated industry chain covering automotive parts, automotive service trade, import & export and automotive finance, and extended our industries to general aviation and other fields. With Beijing as center, we have established eight passenger vehicle and nine commercial vehicle manufacturing bases in more than 10 Chinese provinces and municipalities, as well as vehicle plants in more than 20 countries.

We uphold the brand concept of "Your Wish • Our Ways", take a road of large-scale, high-end, service-oriented, international and low-carbon development, endeavor to build a manufacturing service enterprise, an innovative enterprise, as well as an internationally competitive automotive manufacturer and service provider, and provide technology, safety, quality and environment solutions for the people pursuing happy travel and efficient transport, in a bid to become the pioneer of a high-quality travel life.


BAIC International Development Co., Ltd. (BAIC INTL) is a wholly-funded subsidiary of BAIC Group. Under the guidance of the board’s chairman of BAIC Group, Mr. XU Heyi, BAIC INTL is expanding its cross-border businesses with the aim of building a “Global BAIC”. This visionary project will give birth to networks in main regions of the world: the Middle East, West Asia, Central Asia, Africa, South America and several other regions. It will thus enable BAIC Group to reach its strategic objectives and achieve internationalization in terms of talents, markets, products, brand recognition and management. In order to solidify its global presence, BAIC INTL focuses on five core activities: export of finished vehicles and individual components; import of technologies, equipment and finished vehicles; product improvements; overseas investment; and international cooperation. BAIC INTL’s core business is the development of reliable commercial, passenger, electronic and other types of vehicles.

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